One Last Breath

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The last moment of the last person to survive the end of mankind's demise.

Submitted: October 22, 2017

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Submitted: October 22, 2017



This life, this breath. We take it in.

The icy cool fragrance of chilled air bounds across the senses.

It burns into our minds like the searing hot iron of a brand upon the skin.

Forced under the snow, our body struggles for freedom yet the crushing weight of reality seeks to snuff out the fight we have left.

I look beyond. Into the brilliant bright gleaming light, it pierces my eyes. I see myself; I see us walking. The light begins to fade.

We are hand in hand, you and I. Always beside me, since birth we’ve strode the land crossing barriers many feared.

I wanted nothing but solitude, and you gave it to me. Hence, we are bound as one.

There is nothing left. Barren earth as far as the eye can see. Why do you walk with me, O sweet Death? Why do you have such an utter finality?

Was I not given life to seek my place in this world, only to find your touch everywhere?

It is coming now. My last moment.

Sinking into the white blanketed drifts of Fujiyama, I fall.

This life, this breath. We take it in, but it’s my last. And you go on.

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