Gift of Hope

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The great gift of hope is our sensational season of living. V8+ 52*

Submitted: October 22, 2017

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Submitted: October 22, 2017



When the spirit grows weary and failure seems immenent, we do well to remember the Gift of Hope which is our Season of Living - the precious measure of time we are alloted between the Cradle and the Grave.

If your path in life should take an unexpected turn causing you to feel burdened beyond what your constitution can bear, the first thing to do is restore your physical health. Even if you are sick, even if you are terminally ill, do something to bolster what physical health you have remaining. Nourish yourself with lots of water, nutrient-rich food and beverages, and rest…….. eat, replenish your fluids, and rest.

The body supports the mind, so to give your mind the physical energy it needs to help you psychologically and emotionally, the most important first step is to revive an element of your physical health.

When you have re-energized your physical body, you can take the next step in regaining your sense of successful accomplishment and hope about life by focusing your mind on the cause of your grief. This step is also very important in escaping the horror of a stunting sense of failure so as to restore hope, because feelings of failure and loss of hope crawl out of the hideous monstrosity of grief.

Pinpoint the cause of your grief, then ask yourself how this grievance can cause you pain, because loss of hope is grief and grief is pain - the pain of nightmare feelings of failure in life. Meticulously investigating the cause of your pain shall reveal to you the path, the escape route, by which your hope and success in life can be reborn.

Many people, without realizing it, lose hope and feel the sting of failure because at a deeply subconscious level we are all depressed about the fact that, apparently, we cannot escape death. This is a powerful subliminal obstacle to happiness; this is a grim fact of reality which causes many people to lose hope because a natural human inclination, even if we are unaware of the subtle biochemical mechanism, is to fall into the despair of thinking “What is the point of anything if we are all going to die?”

This is a morbid hidden psychoemotional demon which lurks inside all of us even though we usually do not acknowledge such sinister influences, yet know this: there is a way to exorcise this haunting demon, and that exorcism can be performed by contemplating the time we have between the cradle and the grave.

It may be true that each one of us who is born is going to die, eventually, yet, first we are going to pass through the time, the realm, which exists for us between the moment we come into life and the moment we leave it. Recognizing our hidden fear and despondency about our eventual death is a powerful mental machine for relieving the pain of the grief which causes us to feel like a failure and lose hope about life.

It may be that all any of us are doing is desperately striving to escape pain. We are not protecting ourselves from being tormented by new pain, we are emphatically mired in a great effort to escape the pain we’re already in.

To help illustrate this idea, I offer a thought experiment in which there is no danger of any emotional or physical pain, no harm of any kind shall ever touch us. In such a pain-free world, we would still desire to have fun. We would want to have fun even if there was no such thing as pain, yet, isn’t our desire for fun motivated by the urge to escape the pain of boredom?

Boredom is a pain from which we all suffer unless we find something with which to amuse ourselves, yet we should be very thankful for boredom because, believe it or not, boredom is our powerful ally.

By analyzing the reason for our pain which is caused by grief that results in depressing feelings of failure and a loss of hope about life, we will become bored with our grievance, by which expedient we shall escape the afflicting pain - a physiological and psychological event which will marvelously restore our hope by utterly annihilating any sense of failure or the low self-esteem and doubt which arise from such misguided feelings of failure. Believe me, if you ponder the reason for your feelings of failure and loss of hope long enough, you will become bored with the study, thus resurrecting your glowing spirit of success and hope.

By applying physical and intellectual energy to exploring and identifying the cause of your feelings of failure and hopelessness, you will actually grow tired of the subject, whereby your sense of achievement, self-worth, and hope shall be renewed and revived as, if nothing else, a rewarding side effect of the research into the psychoemotional disturbance which is the cause of your grief-spawned pain that poisons the mind and the heart with terrible unwanted emotional hurt that creeps out of the insidious shadows of a sense of failure and agony of hopelessness.

We have the time between the cradle and the grave. It is our time, we own it and no one or no thing can take this time away from us, therefore, we might as well do something with it, even if it is to explore the impetus driving horrifying feelings of failure and loss of all hope about life.

Delving logically into the reasons for feelings of failure and loss of hope about life is a rational process which will bring about a sensation known in psychological circles as “Flow”. Flow is defined as the experience of being consciously lost in a deeply engrossing activity.

When rapt in the awe of Flow, we lose all awareness of time, place, or circumstance thereby escaping the pain that results from the grief that deceives us into forgetting about the time we have before we die.

We do have the time before we die. The technique I have described here can give us the strength to escape miserable feelings of failure and hopelessness about life, so that we may delight in satisfying profitable living during the time we have before the bell of fate tolls our final moment. We may have all we want and plenty of time to enjoy it.

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