The Big Sister

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Sky and her friends go to see her sister. Her friends start to think her sister is not who she is shown to be.

Submitted: October 22, 2017

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Submitted: October 22, 2017



ave you ever met your friends’ sister? How did

you feel? Scared? Excited? Now how would you

feel now that you saw how they look? Everything

is normal but they seem to have two very sharp


It is almost the middle of the night when sky and

her two friends was going to a spooky old house

where sky’s sister lives. Gene was looking at the

picture of her sister wile following sky. She was

pale with pink and black hair smiling at the

camera. Gene saw nothing wrong she was pretty

but what set her off were the two sharp fangs in

her smile. Jac told gene before they went that he

heard that she was a vampire but Jac and

Gene two boys and said,” I just know it y’all are

going to love her!”

As soon as she said that they came upon the house

sky cheerfully skip to the front door of the house.

Gene and Jac looked at the house and shifted. The

house was dark and old looking with a Halloween

vibe from it. Sky opened the door and shouted,”

come on! She is making food!”

The three of them made their way in and sat at the

table. The boy’s eyes widen when woman walked

in with red stains on her apron. Sky hugged her

then the woman smiled at them. “hello my name is

Lux,” she smiled,” welcome to my home.”

The woman went back to the kitchen. The boys

were shaking. Were they going to eat human flesh?

Were they going to drink blood? The woman, Lux

came in with a pizza while sky said,” yum! My

sister’s homemade veggie pizza is the best!”

The boys blush and took a bite of their pizza it

sure didn’t taste like human flesh for sure.

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