A First Encounter

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A first date turns steamy.

Submitted: October 22, 2017

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Submitted: October 22, 2017



I met him online. We talked all week. He's hot, just in the way I like it, with that hair and those eyes that you can't look too long at or you'll start to get flustered. He's funny in an over the top kind of way. He says flattering things about me every day, it's unnecessary, but I like hearing them.

We messaged each other late into the night a few days ago. The subject turned dirty and we talked about our kinks. I hope it wasn't a mistake giving away too much. He seems to be into a lot of the same things though so that's good.

We're meeting up tomorrow for a picnic! I'm excited! He picked a romantic spot on an inlet of a big pound. I can't wait until tomorrow!


He's messaging me again. It's quickly turning kinky this time. I give up some more of my secrets and learn more about his. I'm getting really horny though.

I get ready for bed and tell him goodnight. I'm still feeling hot. I have to relieve myself. I slide my hand down to feel how wet he's made me. I slide my finger in and rub my clit while thinking about him and all the dirty things we talked about.

"Mmmmm" I start to moan as I move my finger around my clit. I imagine him on top of me rubbing my clit with his dick. I begin rubbing it faster and faster as I think of him fucking me like a rabbit. "Ooh god, ooh, OOOH! OOOH!" I cum and slide my finger out. I go to sleep with a smile and excitement for tomorrow.


It's raining. He messages me "I have all this picnic food, want to just come over and eat it? We can watch a movie or something."

His place now...I'm nervous. I agree and drive over.

He meets me outside with an umbrella. He's really cute in person. We get inside and relieve ourselves of our wet apparel. He offers me a drink. It's sweet and tasty, with a touch of sour.

We pick out a movie and he sits close and puts his arm around me. He's warm. I look up at him and catch his gaze. He smiles and kisses my forehead. I look back up at him and his hand holds my cheek gently, his fingers parting my hair as they run through it. He pulls me in for a kiss. It's gentle and quick. He smiles and laughs sensually as if he's really happy. He kisses me again, more intensely this time. I press my lips against his and the motions become more excitable.

His arm moves down my back and he embraces me. His mouth opens and my tongue meets his. It's rolling around my tongue in a symphony of movements that turn me on more and more.

He puts his weight on me and I fall lightly to the ground as he gets on top of me. His lips part with mine and venture down my neck. His hand moves down my side to my thighs. He moves it up and down gently, each time closer to my vagina. It's proximity is making me horny. I want it.

His hand passes right over, slides under my shirt, and with a swift motion unhooks my bra. "I've been wanting to do this," he whispers in my ear as he slides my shirt and bra up, exposing my boobs. He looks extremely satisfied as he starts licking around my nipple. His hand grabs the other one and pinches my nipple gently with his fingers. It feels good and I moan softly.

His other hand unbuttons my pants and slides down my panties. Oh god. His finger finds a wet greeting. He laughs devilishly and says "fuck you're wet," as he quickly locates my clit and begins teasing around it. He's clearly enjoying himself teasing me like this.

He starts to circle his finger around the outside of my clit and it feels amazing. He moves it to the tip and plays it like a joystick. "Ooh, ooh ooh, ooh!" I can't help but moan. I tell him "Ooh yeah, just like that, keep going!" He gives me his devious laugh while being pleased with himself as his finger picks up speed. "Ooh god, ooh fuck yes! Mmmmmmm! Ooh, ooh, OOOOOH FUCK, FUCK," I yell as my legs twitch around. He doesn't let up and keeps stimulating me until I clench from cumming all over his hand.

He looks at me, extremely satisfied of his performance on me as he licks his finger. He takes my cloths off. He looks at my body and and says "God you're hot," and then takes his off. He crawls on top of me and kisses me passionately. I can feel his hard dick near my pussy. He continues kissing me while he moves it closer with his hips.

His tip enters me, sliding around with how wet I am. He's teasing me with it. I want it. He continues moving his tip around. I can't take it any more. I wrap my legs around him and pull him in. "Holy fuck you feel amazing!" He says as he slides in for the first time. "Oh my God" he says as he starts moving in and out, his dick rubbing my walls. It feels great. His cock fills me all the way up over and over again, making me pulsate with pleasure. He grabs my shoulders from underneath and starts ramming me harder and faster. He can't help but moan "Ooh shit, you feel so good!" Now I get to be the one pleased with myself! I move my legs and make myself tighter as I move in sync with him. "Ooh my god, Mmmmmmmmmm," he moans louder, my technique clearly working on him. "Ooh, you're going to make me cum," he moans as he picks up speed again. He's going as fast and as hard as he can, it's driving me crazy. I can feel it welling up inside me. I cum all over his dick. "Oh my god you're so wet," he yells, "it feels so good! Ooh, OOH, OOOOOOH I'M CUMMING!" He pulls out and warm cum covers my chest.

That was amazing. I try to catch my breath for a moment, but he's moving me onto my knees as he begins ramming me from behind doggy style. Oh my god, it's going in deeper than it was before. He pushes my head down with one hand and grabs my hip with the other as he fucks me with incredible force. I scream with pleasure over and over into the pillow as his dick gives me the best fucking I've ever had. I cum and he keeps going. He's moaning and clearly enjoying himself, but he's not stopping. I cum again as I scream out loud. I can't take this much longer. My body can't feel anything but the immense pleasure. Oh fuck here it comes again, my cum keeping his cock drenched so he can keep going. I'm paralyzed, I can't move, I can only feel his dick slamming into me with the greatest feeling. My hands are grasping the bed and won't let go. He starts moaning really loudly. It's becoming more frequent now, I think he's going to cum. "OOH FUCK YES GAAAAAAAAH!" He screams as I gush all over him yet again.

He collapses, exhausted from what had just transpired. We both take a few minutes to catch our breath. I still can't move. My body is radiating in a state of total pleasure. I close my eyes and enjoy it until I fall asleep in bliss.

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