really? while i'm eating?

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people do the strangest things when they think no one's watching...

Submitted: October 22, 2017

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Submitted: October 22, 2017



 He’s cute. Really cute. He’s got those baggy cargo pants with the tight white t-shirt. If I wasn’t so shy and so not looking, I would definitely approach him.

But I am shy. And I’m not looking.

So I just creepily watch from my booth at the diner.

My two friends across from me are watching my facial expressions. Go figure. I engage back into our own conversation, noticing that he is approaching the counter. It’s his time to leave.

No more eye candy.

I turn to watch, again. My friends are now watching the guy, not me.

And he does what someone only does when they’re alone – or at least, not facing the public.

His buttcheeks – they clench. But not the typical, let me rearrange my underwear clench or the typical, I’ve got an itch clench. It was almost as if something else was going on…

Because the amount of creasing in those sexy cargo pants was enough to diminish the hotness factor a couple points.

We all turn back to each other, slightly scarred. We’re not really sure how to react to the situation. And then my girl, across from me, goes, “Literally, it was like so much.”

Laughter ensues….

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