What Lies Within

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Reason for story being made:I hope it will reach people and help them understand what anxiety and depression and stress and anger emotional problems and learn how to cope and really appreciate life
and see it in a different point of view.This is like a life lesson of being alone and depressed and having anxiety and how people cope with it and like it'll have like life lessons on therapy and
certain ways of how people cooperate with each other and how selfish we can be and put all those aspects into one. It's going to be one of those fantasy stories were good makes you feel bad and
knowing how the difference to cope between each given emotion. Short beginning on what's the story is all about:This is about a young girl named Emily that is isolated from all Humanity but she has
a talking computer where it has limited knowledge about her and past and as the story progress Emily learns what is loneliness and anxiety and depression the reason why she is so alone and to learn
who she used to be and why the world is in a post apocalypse. In the beginning of the story she wakes up in a amnesia and doesn't remember who she is or why she's there and the whole story is about
her finding herself and the life lessons she learns along the way.The Setting Futuristic world half destroyed and abandoned by war and government and little resources. Her apartment looks very
futuristic and clean her room is very comfortable like in a girl's fashion way and pink or red walls and more will be explained in the story,

I hope you guys and gals enjoy my story

Submitted: October 22, 2017

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Submitted: October 22, 2017



What Lies Within Chapter 1 Opening quote. "Shewas found in the world created by chaos where she found nothing and lost all her memories but the memories that come we'll be about her and what it means to be herself or find herself for Some people end up alone from the beginning others see it slowly, but does being alone make us question life in a different way?”

Chapter 1 In the beginning as you see Emily she is skinny and has blonde hair mixed with black highlights and one of her eyes and blue and other silver and she's about 5 foot 7 inches tall and about 18 years old and she wakes up in futuristic apartment and awaking in a dream like state with brain fog and terrible migraine but now noticing reality around her but now she noticed that's she's having emotional difficulties such as depression and anger and scared not knowing where these feeling came from because she did not know where she was or even who she is.the computer greets her and she is scared and anxious from the computer because she is unknown to it.

Computer Greeting Emily and says Good Morning master Emily and now Emily notice computer sitting right in front of her like a big Computer screen as size of a 60 inch TV and as Emily hides under her blanket and screams and says what who ….who are you and how do you know my name?!! And Computer says I am a android Computer built to assist my master who created-.Then Emily Interrupt the computer and says in an angry voice just tell me what happened where am I?! Computer says to Emily you're in imperial Stout and You have traveled from a distance as Emily interrupting computer again and says Traveled? Making a painful groaning noises as she holds her head into the pillowcase in pain. Then Computer says yes you appeared extreme exhausted from where you came from. Emily still growing from the pain deep in her head and says arrgghh….why does my head and legs hurt… And did I tell you where I came from? As she noticing she can't remember where she's from or who she is but now Emily now looking around the room noticing that it has pink walls and a dark red carpet and to the left of her was her bookcase filled with books and board games and couple of card packs and staring off into her left she can see her kitchen very futuristic modern design with refrigerator stove and microwave and a portable toaster) Then Computer says It seems you are having some sort of amnesia and you did not tell me what or where you been you simply came home and asked for glass of water and asked me to shut down and I assume you went to bed. Emily now confused and frustrated saying in a angry voice Ughhhh why didn't I tell you… ? Now looking to her right she notices that her bed is right next to the wall near the window and out the window shows that it is in the evening and it's Sunset outside beaming over the lake with green grass and if you big green trees and thinking it looks lovely outside Then Computer says I'm unsure you seemed too tired to speak. Emily now having excruciating pain in her head from the headache making it hard to concentrate and holding her head Emily is on laying her side and asks the computer in irritated voice I'm having amnesia and Deja Vu at the same time ughhh…..well anyway … where am I right now? Computer says You are in city imperial Stout of future Utopia of Japan and Korea. Emily says Ok well at least I'm somewhere and now Emily finally deciding to stepping out of bed Emily stretches her arms and legs and puts her feet down on the left side of the bed now feeling grogginess and dizzy and her legs are weak from the long journey she had and says to computer I'm… I'm going to get some fresh air… I think it help my painful headache….. ( now noticing the hallway towards the end of her bookcase walking with her left hand on the side of her bookcase using her hands to guide her and to keep her from falling down as she moves towards the hallway until she approaches the hallway leaning on the left side of the wall slowly moving towards the front door. Computer now warning Emily and says Beware danger lurching outside I would strongly recommend you stay indoors for the next 2 hours. Emily: now having faint flashbacks of her friends and family are coming to visit today and outside is perfectly normal but really just a post apocalyptic wasteland with mostly everything is destroyed and or abandoned. Emily finally reaching front door and Opening the door and first seeing everything in beautiful spring with green grass and trees and sun shining with happy people walking around then suddenly reality hits in a Flash everything is in ruins with red sky and dark red sun and vicious pack of dogs outside lurching around hungry looking for their next prey and well a few are eating a dead corpse and suddenly notice her and start charging with loud Barks and vicious growls and snares as she feels terrified as she screams and suddenly feeling weak in her legs and then her legs give out underneath her and she ends up falling backwards leaving the front door open and now Emily screaming Again louder and is in horror ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Computer responses and says user Emily is in danger. Protection mode activated and which close all doors and windows with retractable steel frames and the computer says to Emily you are now safe Emily please calm down and lay down in bed. Emily still Scared and shivering from what she just witnessed with her eyes wide open and holding herself saying in a shallow voice oh may …..oh may….but while Emily is laying down on the floor semi losing herself and now talking to computer uhhh … ummm ….. what happened to everyone and everything why is everyone gone and deserted and destroyed…?!!! Computer says to Emily please remain calm and collected your thoughts do you remember what happened WWIII (world war 3)? Emily now trying to remember but nothing comes to mind and says to computer no….no… I don't remember… tell me what happened Android computer? Now regaining herself from her feelings of fear and gets on her feet slowly and but is in pain because of her falling on her back but uses her hands to put herself up onto her feet and lean left side of the wall towards the hallway and walking back down the hall and limps towards to her bedroom on too her bed as she lays down tired and headaches get worse and she begins moaning in pain arrgghh….

Computer says to Emily WW3 all Japan during the year of 2055 Japan had a big army lots of supplies and had its own very advanced technology compared to the USA and what end up happening was a power struggle between the US and Japan and well Japan stand against the USA because USA became selfish and greedy and evil and took away Japan stock market in which made their stock market crash because they took away all resources and supplies from Japan and the USA said if you don't want to be destroyed again you give everything to us and Japan went to war with the USA but they ended up losing the war because of low resources and supplies including all weapons or food and Japan's army forces and Mainland got bombed by nukes making the living on land impossible but the Japanese were smart and had a backup plan and it was to create civilization under ground that the US did not know of Before the War started and they huge Cities and houses and farms they had advanced technology that was able to artificially create sunlight and Darkness almost like the sun but not as bright but when darkness Pitch Black for there was no moon but through these started a new civilization there between Korea and Japan named the new city Imperial Stout. Emily now sitting up staring at the Computer monitor sitting there cannot believe what computer said and is an shocked and says I…. I…as emily can't find the words to speak as Emily has relapse flashbacks of her friends in the past seeing there smiling face and remembering feeling the warms hugs and as few words heard from one of her friends and say to her why are you being so mean ? Whatever I'll go alone and never speak to you again. Suddenly Emily remembered one of her friends name yelling her name out loud Miranda!!!!.......

(end of chapter one)

chapter 2 opening quote: I don't think people understand how stressful it is to explain what's going on in your head when you don't even understand it yourself and it's the worst feeling isn't being lonely it's being forgotten by someone you'd never forget And

Dialogue/extra: it is nightfall and the world outside is very dark for the world around Emily is now starting she is realizing that not everything is what it supposed to be and not all things that are to be remembered because some create happiness and joy but others create pain and regret.

Emily now yelling name Miranda!!!! As she Holding her head in pain and Computer says Master Emily please remain calm. Who is Miranda?is it that you remember a friend named Miranda? Then Emily says it's vague but …as she is trying to figure out who Miranda is and sighing since she only has small flashbacks of them together Emily says in frustrated voice ughhhh….i can't remember… as she is getting upset about it and Computer says checking files on Miranda makes dial up computer noise for couple minutes as Emily sits there thinking and questioning herself about why is Miranda the only name she could remember. Then computer says i have 2 files of Miranda opening file 1 now. Shows on TV/computer monitor in front of Emily showing Miranda photo smiling brightly next to a tree with her arms behind her with sunny blue sky. Emily now surprised and curious on what is being shown on the screen as she says is that….that… Miranda ….? Computer response to Emily question yes supposedly you too were close but distant from each other as what you told me about her. Emily says she looks like… now emily having flashbacks memories of Miranda of her hurt and crying and getting angry across emily's mind and now Emily trembling over here words as she says… she is ..my best friend…now tears fall down her face and in a sad tone voice saying her name over and over again Miranda...Miranda….miranda….as the memories flood her mind like a waterfall of her memories with her all the times they laughed and socialize and fought and even crying together and when the world was in better time with everything normal and Emily was soon beginning feel what it is to be lonely. Computer says I'm sorry master emily I did not mean to make you cry. Emily says as whipping her tears and feeling heartbroken and says it's ok.. I now know who Miranda is…now regaining her self and says to computer you said there were two files … what is file number 2? Computer says to Emily I am unable to open it master emily. I'm sorry it is password protected with a 16 word keypass and a keypad shows up out of the wall next to Emily and computer asks Emily do you master emily remember password? Emily now getting angry what makes you think that I would know!?! arrghhh!!!! Computer says I'm sorry I didn't mean to make you angry master emily and Closes the keypad back into the wall. Emily in irritated Whatever…emily now looking around the room notice the window making artificial colored to a beautiful night with green grass landscape with a lake and beautiful moon shining over the lake as she lightly touches the window appears what really is behind which is the red sky and destroyed landscape behind it begins to open up and she takes her hand off the window because she knows the reality of what lays outside and doesn't want to see it then asks the computer and Emily asks computer what is this computer? Why is the window like this? even though she knows that she likes it the way it is and probably has a pretty good idea why. Computer says to Emily Master Emily you are the one that made it you said that you no longer wanted to look at the red sky and how depressing it is outside looks and you created the artificial window that creates how the world used to look like with my computer construct capabilities.it is supposed to represent how the world look like before World War 3 was initiated.

Emily says to computer well that makes sense I'm glad my past self had some sense of what was going on. anyway I'm going to sleep I'm exhausted from all of this thinking and talking today as Emily painful headaches return as she familiarize herself with Miranda's thoughts and memories she makes a grown noise and says goshhhh stupid headache…. Oh well I'll try to figure it out everything tomorrow… computer how do I shut down the lights and everything? Computer says to Emily master emily simply state the command *commence shutdown* and I will go into recharging safe mode but I will no longer be able to speak with you once this command has been said and approved by you.Emily looking confused and tired and says what do you mean by me?Computer says that's right master emily I can only be command to do anything by you but I am limited knowledge of only what you have spoken to me so if you wish for me to do anything some please state the command.Emily says in a tiredly voice oh... ok …. commence shutdown.Computer says access approved shutting down all systems now rechargeing in safe mode and All lights turned off please let me know if there is emergency if there is one say *Clarence access emergency* and this building will go into protective mode and to turn computer access back online please say *access system online* and I will reboot online within 2 minutes. Goodnight master emily. Emily now wrapping herself in blankets and laying on her side as she says to herself I hope I have dream about Miranda…and forgot about what happened today…as her memories of her best friend Miranda fluid her mind as she drifts off to sleep As Emily fell asleep she remembers that Miranda was a very caring best friend much like her computer Android she would look over her and stopped her when she was doing things that were wrong or mean but also encouraged her to do a nice and encouraging things even though most of the time she wouldn't listen to her but she tried her best but eventually ended up leaving her because she ended up hurting one of her closest friends so she no longer trusted her and no longer wanted to be with her)As Emily slept her beautiful dreams bought her friend suddenly became terrible nightmare and in this nightmare she's being chased by the 3 vicious dogs outside in the Wasteland and she does not have the protection of her apartment nor of the protection of her computer Android so as she is scared running for her life as the dogs chase her with red beating eyes and snarling growling mouths to get to her and as she runs away well the dogs are right behind one catches up right beside and bites her arm like needles on a clamp leaving a nasty gash with teeth marks on her arm another one get her right leg biting it to the point where it bleeds as Emily screams in pain and falls to the ground and she fights back kicking the dog off her leg with her left leg causing the dog to whimper and run away and as she Struggles with the dog biting her left arm jerking back and forth ripping her arm open and as this is happening as she's taking desperate attempt she looks around for weapon looking side-to-side and finally looks to her upper right and sees a metal black pipe and grabs it with her right hand and smashes it over the dog's forehead killing it and dropping the pipe afterwards and as she's looks at her bleeding arm grasping at with her right arm and terrified her friend Miranda comes and approaches her saying in an angry ghost like voice“why did you leave me...why did you abandon me?” and gets on top of her full mounting her and grabs her by the throat with both hands and begins strangling her and as she does to fight back trying to remove her hands from her throat to make an attempt loosen the grip of Miranda hands on her throat but it's no use she's too strong and as the last gasp of air Emily dies in her dream for Emily has no air to breathe.

Emily as she fully finally awakens gasping for air having the nightmare replay in her head over and over again that she thought it was over and really it was just the beginning as the fear seep in as she is heavily breathing trying to recoup with herself (End of chapter 2)

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