We Complain ft. Aakanchya

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Submitted: October 23, 2017

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Submitted: October 23, 2017



We Complain


We complain about everything,
But there are people who've got it worse,
We're not content with the things we have,
But when are we going to learn?
As a human race, we're bad,
We pick out so many flaws,
There are kids out there who to starve to death,
And some kids can't even walk,
Some kids have got no clothes to wear,
They roam around all naked,
Have some mercy in your heart, 
And appreciate what your state is...

We complain that we don't have a lot,
How ungrateful can you be?
You have so much, but still complained,
I can't believe the cheek,
I appreciate life isn't fun and games,
But appreciate what you have,
As what God giveth, He taketh away,
And you'll never get it back...


We complain about the people around us,
Especially our mom and dad, 
We ask them more with some little hopes, 
And if they fail we simply slam our door.
How selfish can we be to forget their struggle for us?
Look at the kids whose parents were lost, 
Some might have died and some might simply have left.
But these kids never complain,
All they wish for is to always be with them…

We complain about the growing pollution,
And forget to maintain our own vehicles. 
When street is filled with dust and dirt,
We simply wear mask for self protection.
Consequences of pollution and increase in death number,
Forces us to curse only the rulers. 
Aren't we equally responsible for the increasing problems?
But it's not too late for us to change, 
All we have to do is start from self...

Written by Sohaaaaail & Aakanchya

© Copyright 2019 So-So. All rights reserved.

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