If Eddard Took The Black

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What if Eddard Stark was given the black after being charged with treason?

Submitted: October 23, 2017

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Submitted: October 23, 2017





Eddard stood there calmly, looking as far as the eye went. It was a beautiful site, atop that hill the windlings called “Fist of the First Men”. The sun was setting to the west, laying the last light of the day on a dark green forest.


It had been a perilous journey to the wall, after he was sentenced to take the black, for the so-called treason he committed. On one hand, he felt sad for what had happened; on the other, it felt like the gods had heard his prayer.


Lord Commander Mormont had commanded the party to camp on the hill to wait for Qhorin Halfhand.


“Lord Stark,” called Jeor Mormont from behind. Mormont walked nearer and stood to the right of Eddard.


“We haven’t really talked much since you took the black,” said Mormont.


“I wouldn’t want to disturb you, Lord Commander.”


“Lord Stark, we’re glad to have a man like you in the Night’s Watch. As we were when we had Benjen.”


“I hope we serve the Watch as brothers, still,” Eddard looked down in sorrow.


“We will find Benjen, we have to. We’re doing our best,” said Mormont. His raven flew up shouting "Benjen! Benjen!" and landed on the snowy ground.


He heard a distant cry that called for the Lord Commander. “I have to go, Lord Stark,” said Mormont, “We will sure talk some other time.”


Eddard gave a nod.


For a time, he was alone again. He could think about it, now. Is it the right time? I had always been waiting for this moment.


“Lord Stark,” another voice came from behind. It is him.


Jon Snow came up and stood where Mormont did. “Father… Do you think Uncle Benjen is alive?”


“I do not know, son, but I wish I could…”


“Father, forgive me, but I must ask something.”


Eddard nodded.


“Remember, before I was off to the wall, you said that the next time we met, you would tell me about my mother.”


Eddard gave out a small sigh, looked into Jon’s eyes, and said, “Yes, Jon… I promised."

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