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This is a semi-finished short story that I wrote to piece together my thoughts and feelings. I wrote it for my Fiance, but I wanted to see what the community thought and if they had suggestions or
ideas. Obviously it is a personal story, but thoughts and responses are still cool.

Submitted: October 23, 2017

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Submitted: October 23, 2017




By Miles T.


Looking back upon the path traveled, memories of the forest behind.  Pitch black, gnarled roots, silhouettes of menacing shapes. Manipulated by the thoughts of the unknown. In the solitary mind, every figure could have been a wild beast waiting to pounce or simply the trees of a cold and lonely forest.

Shivers like sharp teeth run along the spine. Fears of the dangers that could be. Hesitation from every false promise of shelter and salvation, only a distraction from the path ahead. The path was long, lonely, cold. The only company were the voices from the trees, talking amongst themselves about how the worst was always a step ahead. With desperate requests ignored, they continued talking. The only respite of the mocking words was the reminder of the cold teeth biting down further. There was no blood, only marks.

Along the path, there’s a glow that is unfamiliar. This is something that was never seen on the path before, something unique. As the distance between the glow shortened, the intensity grew. And grew. Suddenly it isn’t nearly as cold, in fact it is quite hot. A fire. The flames raged like the flowing hair of a young woman, threatening to burn the whole forest down.

The fire was not used to travelers, and initially had its guard up. It burned and grew, until the flames formed a circle, surrounding with no escape. Breaths made more frequent and difficult. This was surely just another trick the forest had planned. But no. The fire felt the heat radiating back. Without warning, the fire dispersed itself until it was a small controlled flame around a branch, beckoning. The burning branch surely would make the travels easier, and it seems to have become willing.

The warm kiss of the fire pulled the icy teeth from the neck and hushed the voices. The flames light made it easier to see, to move forward. The silhouettes were revealed, not wild beasts but beautiful trees blossoming. The fire led the way through the dark times, revealed the fortune of the path ahead. No longer was the path something of fears and doubts, but a place of beauty.


There was no longer a question of when or where the end of the path was, but to take the time to take in all the beauty that the forest had to offer.

© Copyright 2018 Miles T. All rights reserved.

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