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This is part of Chapter 6... still working on this book... look forward to finishing it hopefully by the end of this year... we will see...

Chapter 6 (v.1) - VII - The Beginning of the Aftermath

Submitted: August 14, 2019

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Submitted: August 14, 2019



Chapter 6 - [Name Here]


[Villains Below]


[Dr. Strunghelm standing by the fire: Hands as cold as ice]


He stood before the fire within the privacy of his own secluded office in the benefactor chambers. Griping the sinews and flesh of his own hands attempting to free them of the bitter freeze from the stone wall surrounding him causing his hands to be cold as ice. [He thinks of the experiment] Dr. Strunghelm’s mind wandered to and fro between this and that. The almost endless conversations with contributors, officials, and those within the limits representational party had left him fatigued and drained. All the while he yearned to get back to his true business within the privacy of his own home. “What were the results ?”, he thought as he awaited a message from those assisting him in his own private business. He began to pace back and forth, resembling a caged animal with a discontented expression on his face. He was restless and discontent to say the least.

He pulled a handkerchief from his coat pocket and began to cough violently. Specks of red blood contrasted with the while of the cloth as he wiped his mouth clean in the absence and ceasing of his convulsions. [He is joined by (her)] There was a sudden chiming of the entrance system to his chambers. A request for company from an unexpected visitor. He slowly removed the cloth material from his mouth and then quickly placed it back into his coat pocket as he walked toward the door to the entrance of his own private chambers within the structure made for housing official arrangements. “Finally… some news of the results…” he thought to himself. Alas as the doors hissed apart upon his opening them… there she stood… [her name here], the seductress. He was cautious to give away any hint of his disappointment with the craftiness of an expressionless face. “Abruss…,” she littered through her perfect teeth and smile, “I knew I would find you here.” She brushed past him awaiting no confirmation of her request to be legitimately invited into his chambers. “What can I assist you with (her)…” Abruss said closing the door behind them, tucking the handkerchief fully into his coat pocket. As he walked back towards the fire again, she walked about the room observing the delicate decorations among the walls, even feeling the soft material of the decorative curtains behind Strunghelm’s desk strewn with orderly papers, books, and his own personal recording devices.


[She taunts him]


“It is so like you to leave immediately after the official proceedings of business and lectures… refusing and denying any pleasure from the parties after policy,” she said tauntingly. “What is it (her name here)? Why have you left the gay processions to join me in the private solace of my own affairs then?”, Strunghelm questioned still with his back turned to her. “You’ve been the topic of much debate lately Abruss…”, she said picking up a book from his desk then gently placing it back down again, “many of those in your own party are wondering of your performance.” “I’ve been busy, handling my duties,” he scowled, “What of the contributors? Don’t they have anything better to do than wonder of my whereabouts?” He continued to wrench his hands together for some feeling of warmth. (She) looked angrily disappointed if only for a second behind him. “I suppose they would be the ones to ask Abruss… not me…” she continued. 

The chiming of the clock in the room sounded, breaking the brief pause of their delicate dialogue. It was late. “You’ve been absent more than usual Abruss… what exactly are you up to?”, she commented upon picking up [a metallic decoration from the wall]. Abruss responded, still with his back turned away, “If you must know, I’ve been ill and overworked. What of my absence and not my work?”. The fire crackled and snapped loudly as (she) drew closer to him. “[(1) Someone] wants your job Abruss…” she retorted with a smirk. “Oh, do they now… our civilization would rot and decay under their supervision and care.”, Strunghelm said and then laughed after quickly clearing his throat. (She) walked closer to Abruss and then within a fraction of a second placed the [metallic] object to Abruss’ throat from behind him as if it were a sharpened blade. “What of it Abruss!,” she blurted out playfully running the [metallic object] down his chest as he turned to face her. Strunghelm then grabbed [metallic object] with a firm grip stopping her from being able to move it further. Then through his teeth Abruss exclaimed, “I’d like to see [(1) them someone] try and accomplish what I have done…”. He then pushed the [metallic object] away and turned once again towards the fire. (She) had a look of curious amazement on her face shown by the grin she held for a moment. (She) walked away from Abruss and laid down on the cushioned couch behind him. Twirling the [metallic object] between her fingers. Strunghelm continued to stare into the fire as his mind continued to be  restless and troubled… and she was only making things worse. 

“Abruss I’m bored with all of these talks of peace. The droll of it all eludes my amusement between the conclaves.”, she spoke without ever making eye contact with the Doctor. “Boredom…?”, Abruss chocked out… coughing once again less violently, “the peace of the conclaves is boring? Your dissatisfaction and lack of fascination with the resolution of war betrays your intellect (her name here).” He continued, “You’ve no idea the bloodshed it took to gain an alliance between the other conclaves when we drove out the old worlds…”. Abruss then turned to face her and his expression was one that would make any observer feel uneasy and uncomforted. Any observer that is… except for her. “You may be right about that Abruss, but I’ve heard stories… don’t think I know nothing. After all, my late husband did plenty… and told of plenty.”, she said with a serious and genuine tone. [Her husband’s description and backstory here]. 

“Why the secrecy Abruss…”, she asked. “I have no secrets (her name here)… and neither did the old worlds.”, the doctor quickly retorted pouring himself a glass of water to ease the discomfort of his throat. (She) laughed with a hidden evil among her lungs and then stopped to respond. “I knew you sent several soldiers to a restricted area Abruss… or so my anonymous source tells me… now why would you do that?”. Strunghelm was silent for almost a minute before responding as the tension in the room grew. Before he responded she again teased him by asking, “What are you hiding Abruss…”. Strunghelm then immediately smashed the glass he held with only the grip of his own hand. As the shattered pieces of glass fell to the floor before the mantle of the fireplace he turned in an angered amazement towards her. “What anonymous source is this that you speak of (her name here).” (Her name here) simply smiled in response… still laying seductively upon the couch before the fire. 


[Update on Evan and Daniel here]


Ideas: She grabs him by the jacket upon leaving and kisses him?

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