Rail Trail

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A kid goes on a trail at night, only to run into some odd beings.

Submitted: October 23, 2017

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Submitted: October 23, 2017



Jonah Jensen

October 16, 2017

Period 4

Rail Trail

Last Friday was a day I’ll never forget. I had ridden my bike down to Walmart to pick up some snacks for the week, as I enjoy a good snack while I study and do my homework. I hung out around the shopping area for a couple areas, so by the time I started on my way home it was already dark.

The air was dense, crisp, and cold. I pedaled down the trail, breathing hard, not being able to see anything. I don’t usually take the trail at night, as it’s a known site for kidnappings and other crimes, but I felt protected with my pocket knife and flashlight, and I wanted to get away from all the lights and sounds of the cars. My backpack was heavy, filled with food and other things I thought I might need while biking.

The first part of the trail was very overgrown. Branches reached out across the trail, not allowing you to see what’s ahead, and getting the occasional whack to the face. This part of the trail always scared me, I had heard of people hiding up in the trees and then jumping on you as you passed.

I finally got past all the trees, my mind filling with relief. This part of the trail was more calm and quiet, but also gave a bit of a creepy vibe. It was dirt all around, no plants, nothing strange. If you saw anything above 2 feet it was probably a person or an animal. That was my biggest fear, someone lying flat in the dirt, waiting for someone to pass by.

But at that point I noticed something. It looked like it was almost at the end of the three-mile trail. It was a bright light, but it was abnormally bright. My first thought was aliens. But then I realized I was just super paranoid because of the dark setting. I took my flashlight out and flashed the trail. I wanted whoever it was to know I was coming down the trail, so we didn’t run into each other. I hoped they could see it. I had never seen a light so bright before on the trail.

I got a little too distracted by the light. My foot suddenly slipped on my pedal and I went off a small wooden bridge into the wet, sticky mud right below it. I used some choice language. I got up, covered in mud, only to find out my foot was stuck. It was almost like quicksand. I jerked my leg without and success. My leg was really wedged in the mud, almost up to my knee. I placed my hands on the wooden bridge and pulled, starting to come out of the mud. I felt so vulnerable being stuck there, my adrenaline level rising. In fear of someone being behind me and a burst of energy, I shot out of the mud and onto the bridge.

Covered in mud, I got on my bike and started pedaling. The mud made me so cold. Anger made me pedal faster, as I was wearing my favorite hoodie and jeans. I could feel my muscles start to freeze and realized I had better get home fast before I wouldn’t be able to pedal any longer. I still had about 2 miles left on the trail.

I got a little worried when I realized that the light wasn’t moving forward. It just stayed in place. The idea of a cult practicing some weird rituals came to mind. I wouldn’t be surprised. This trail was so isolate and separate from everything else, that kind of stuff happens here all the time. I started to regret riding the rail trail at night.

I finally got into the last third of the trail, which I likes to call the cane fields. It was probably corn or wheat that was being grown there, but I’ve always called it the cane fields. This was the scariest part of the trail, as the stalks were so tall and thick, it would be a great hiding place for anybody. Suddenly I heard some rustling to my right. I thought I saw someone running after me. I screamed, and started pedaling as hard as I could, even though it was towards the mysterious light.

I got about 50 feet away from the light. It was then that I realized it was a car. No wonder it was so bright, they were LED headlights. I saw a few large men hanging out around the car. My heart dropped. Cars weren’t allowed on this trail, there was a dirt road across the trench for cars. I started to panic. What were they doing out here so late at night? I braked suddenly, making a loud screeching sound. The men looked up at me.

“Oh, sh…” I started.

The men started yelling at me as they got in their car. I turned my bike around and pedaled for my life, my adrenaline level raising. I heard the revving of the engine. At that point I was so scared, I couldn’t feel anything in my body. My mind went fuzzy, my legs felt numb. I had never been so scared in my life. I turned around, only to see the car speeding after me. I had gotten a head start, but not by much. Every time they revved the engine, I pedaled faster.

The car got right behind me. This was it, I was going to get smashed by the car. With a quick move, I rode to the side of the trail, but flew into a trench filled with rocks. After a few seconds of air time, my front tire hit a large rock, and I went flying over the handlebars.

I flew deeper into the trench, landing on a pile of sharp rocks. I hit face first, and my body folded in half, causing unbearable pain. I could feel blood trickling down my face. My arm was definitely broken, snapped in half by the impact. I had lost my backpack somewhere along the way, otherwise I would’ve grabbed my flashlight for better inspection. It felt like it had snapped halfway down my forearm, although I wasn’t sure. I hoped I had lost the men in the car.

I laid there, unable to move, too scared to move. I had never been so traumatized in my life. The dark night mixed with the cold air and paranoia, followed by being chased by a car that shouldn’t have been there. I looked for my bike, but couldn’t see it. I hoped it was somewhere close by, because I needed to get out of there as fast as possible.

Then I realized I had my phone. I pulled it out of my pocket, only to find out it was completely shattered and a little bent. I pushed the power button, hoping for it to turn on. To my surprise, it did, although I could barely see what was on the screen through the shattered glass. I turned on my phone flashlight, illuminating four figures in front of me. They were tall, unnaturally tall, and very strong. I tried to speak, but fear wouldn’t let one sound out of my mouth. When did they get there, and how long had they been there?

They all matched, wearing black pants and black hoodies, hoods covering their faces. I didn’t know what to think. Why were they just standing there? I started to notice the rest of my surroundings. There was blood everywhere, my blood. My jeans were ripped, showing more wounds. And my arm. I took one look at it and instantly vomited. It was the most gruesome thing I had ever seen.

Suddenly all four men let out an inhumane screech. I gasped, unable to breathe because of how scared I was. They all stepped forward, crouching down around me. The last thing I remember is the feeling of a hand reaching towards me, a sharp pain, and the world fading away.

And that’s why I’ll always remember last Friday. It was the day I died. I guess I was right about the light being aliens.

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