One By One

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Submitted: October 23, 2017

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Submitted: October 23, 2017



One By One


They’ve been trying to pick me off one by one

Since before the day that I was born

Why do I even keep trying to do things at all?

When with every step that I cagily take I fall

Live in my shoes then say how you understand

And how if you where me you’d be a different man

Talking nonsense they think that I can’t hear

The flaming arrow tongue tips how they do sear

My heart has been locked into place by my mind

Each holds a key to the other that neither can find

Like a lost secluded door that is waiting to be opened

I am waiting for the right three words to be spoken

But pictures can not speak only blurry shadows do

Of how they like to scare me into thinking they are true

I cover and duck as they take potshots at my soul divine

From the front they see me while I live from behind

So day by day and one by one it goes on and on

Until they give up on me and I am lastly left a lone

© Copyright 2019 Rogerh. All rights reserved.

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