Venice is for Lovers

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By The Masked True lovers. Despite all the difficulties premised on undying trust and love, the relationship is poised to survive. The portray of true love standing the test of time.

Submitted: October 23, 2017

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Submitted: October 23, 2017



Do you know what people say?  They say that little things can make you happy, but if you are not here then nothing seems the same, taste the same, smells the same.  Can I tell you a secret?  I am here, waiting for the magic.

Do you believe? Do we know what it can be like?  Does the unknown scares you?

I had lost all hope to have an angel lift my soul and asked me to love him.  Our paths crossed and I finally believe I could have you always and forever. .. it is crazy … it is crazy to imagine how much I could love you.

It feels like luck seeing two worlds collide, where the explosion made us find each other, taking a chance to gamble not knowing if we could even feel the same for one to another.

Are you my angel? 

You are what I thought never existed.  You steal my soul and discover me with your sweet words.  You are my impossible possibility.  You are my most beautiful story.  Will you be the one?

Maybe I’ll never touch you.  Maybe I’ll never see you.  But you are what I’ve always wanted. 

The thought of waking up next to someone else … I know he will be missing the man in him.  Why compare?  Oh … he is fragile, you are my demon.He flowers me, you give me poison … he is sex and lust, you the torture of a love making momentum.

How can I give it all to some else?  The pores all over my body feel nothingness until you spill your sweet ambrosia inside of me.

I wanted to forget you.  I wanted to imagine your unfaithfulness.  It is impossible, I miss breathing your air, your skin, your hair, your sharp hips, and your smile.

Wait... The road seems long and empty.  I find myself night after night speaking alone to my reflection… so much I am missing.I am not the same anymore. I am hallucinating that I have you.  I can feel your body and yet I am empty.

Baby, I am falling... 

My wings can’t fly...

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