The adventures of sarah Lee

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Sarah is Different in many ways. She has powers that she is just learning about, but she is still just a 6th grader so things are getting weird at school and at home. Like all the girls who have
ever lived she has a crush. she is getting close to winning him over but as you can tell she is going through enough herself. What will she do? What adventure will you face with Sarah Lee? well if
you decide to read her story you will know. So read and find out about the adventures of Sarah Lee.

Submitted: October 23, 2017

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Submitted: October 23, 2017



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Hi i am sarah lee and their is some weird stuff happeing, but let's start from the begining the first day that everything got weird.

It was a usual tuesday, we had a sub she was cool but everyone was getting loud. It made me made because she was playing my favorite song crew i didn't even request it she did and it was not censored so it was cool. The class made me made because i was jammin but I could bearly hear the song. So i yealled " SHUT YOUR MOUTH YALL ARE BEING SO LOUD I AM TRYNA HERE THE MUSIC" , but this time it shut everyone up everyone in the whole school. They called my parents i went home. I really thought that i was in trouble. That's when they told they told me everything. This is what they told me..... They said that we need to go on a vaction and that they would explain later but that we needed to leave now.

You will have to find out what happen next in the next one


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