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sadie, a vampire who can read minds and hear people even when they are whispering. after every junior year of school sadie changes schools, and starts on a sophomore year. one sophomore year at
sadie’s school a hot mysterious blonde transfers to felly high. the weird thing is he is just as gorgeous as her. she is easily attracted to him as he is attracted her.p, but there is something
strange about him. can she figure out before she falls into too deep?

Submitted: October 23, 2017

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Submitted: October 23, 2017



I was sitting in math class on the opposite side of the room from Piper. I could hear everything she was saying, even though she was whispering to the girl next to her. She was even thinking pretty mean things too.
“Who does she think she is talking crap about me. I’m way better than her. I even were clothes better than her.” She flips her blonde hair over her shoulder. 
“Like she could pull half the things you can pull.” The girl whispered back. Will you just shut up, Piper no body cares. She thought as she said it.
I didn’t like how I could here so easily, or read people’s minds and thoughts. It was just something that happens your turn into a blood sucking person or also known as a vampire. I’ve been this way for two hundred years. Transferring from school to school once my junior year ends. I just transferred to this school. Felly High. The schools year started a month ago.
I looked at Amber she was writing down notes while Mr. Mane write on the board. Amber’s a sweet girl, but if you get on her bad side she will come after you. Piper was talking about Amber. They were to rivals fighting for the throne. They knew only one could win. They both were at the top all they needed was to get Jake Booker to date one of them. Jake was quarterback on the football team. Hottest guy in the school. Tall, brown hair, and gorgeous blue eyes. Every girls dream. Well everyone’s except mine.
I know that girl is talking about me. I looked around for the voice. I saw Amber staring at Piper. Piper was staring right back. 
Look at her staring at me thinking she is better. Can I just slap her in the face and tell her to get a life that isn’t mine. Piper smiled at Amber and started writing in her notebook. Amber went back doing the same.
When the bell rang I got up and started for the door. 
“Sadie, can I speak with you.” I turn around my auburn hair getting in my face. Jake was standing there. I plaster a smile on my face.
“Sure. What is it?” We slowly walk out of the room. 
Come on man. Why is this so hard? You ask girls out all the time. His thoughts came into my brain.
“I was wondering if uh you would like to watch a uh movie with me on Friday?” He smiles a weak smile. 
I could tell he was trying. I couldn’t say no.
“What! Your asking this freak out on a date. What about our date this Friday?” Piper says rushing over.
“Piper I never agreed to go. Now please I have an answer to hear.” Jake faces me and smiles. Piper walks away furiously. 
“I was going to say sure. I would like to.” I smile at him.
He hands me a piece of paper. “Text me later to get the time.”
Even though I already knew the time I pulled out my phone typed in his number and texted him:
What time are you picking me up Friday?
I put my phone away in my jean pocket and head to class. Waiting for a response.
By the time lunch came around Jake and I have sent four hundred messages. 
I enter the cafeteria and I see people buzzing in and out of the lunch line. I head towards the line and get me some lunch. When I came out of the line I was heading to the lunch table where I eat by myself. 
“Sadie,” I look over to my left and see Jake heading towards me. “Come and eat lunch with me.” 
Everyone stopped and stared at us. All of their thoughts coming into my brain so fast I could barely heard them.

Why does he want...
Why not Pip....
What the heck is he think......
A loser like he........
Her clothes are last....

But only two stayed in my head one from Piper and one from Amber. They both were thinking the same thing.
This little chick stealing my man from me. I’m going to get her for this.
I smiled at him. “Maybe tomorrow. Sorry.” I walk away heading to my normal seat. Then all a sudden a new unknown thought came into my head. It was a new voice. 
This is Felly High? This is not what I expected. Now where am I. Oh found it. The cafeteria.
I look at the entrance of the cafeteria. A guy walked in. My age. Well average human age. His blonde hair needed a trim his blue eyes had a gleam in them, and his smile was what set his whole look off. He was hot, gorgeous. He looked around the room. Everyone was staring at him, but when he saw me he stared at me. And only me

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