Demons and Angels

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An angel and a demon have a bet. 15 minutes to make a person better even by a little bit. Who will win?

Submitted: October 24, 2017

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Submitted: October 24, 2017



Demons And Angels


People walked about their daily business in the crowded marketplace. He considered people. Ruthless people, kind people. People who were ordinary, others, not so ordinary. Happy ones, unhappy ones. All of them as transient as the grasses in the field. He considered people! He found it good to be not one of them. He existed as long as sin existed; and that would exist as long as free will would exist. Forever till the end of time. To those of you who are guessing the identity of the person whose musings I am writing-he is a demon. Now, don’t be alarmed. He is just a demon. Just an ordinary one. He is full of all sorts of evil. But, he does not have horns coming out of his head. He is not red all over. He does not at all look bad. So, don’t be alarmed at his appearance. There are other things which should alarm you. You see, he devours souls.Let me talk about his opposite kind.

He was musing in the marketplace. He saw people around him walking about their daily business. He loved people. Some of them could be so kind. It was his fault that he could not save the others, or that’s what he thought anyway. All of them trying to find some happiness. He ,unlike the demon,(whom he was watching out of the corner of his eye) wanted to be one of them. He knew he would face death after that. But he knew too that if you lead a kind and good life, there was nothing to be afraid of. He did not have wings. And he saved souls.

Soon, the demon came to the angel and said,” Fancy a bet?”

“What sort of bet?” The angel asked.

“We both together choose a kid. If the kid turns out to be even a bit better in 15 minutes, you tell all about angels and demons to it. If, on the other hand, if it doesn’t, even by a little amount, the mystery about angels and demons is only be revealed at the appointed time of the end and not before.”

“OK! I am ready!”

“So who do I choose?” The demon asked.

“Hey! I should have an equal say in the matter!” The angel retorted.

“OK..OK..calm down. I was just joking.” The demon said.”Funny you can’t even joke around here these days.”

The angel looked at him with raised eyebrows.

“You take all the happiness out of the people.” He retorted.”And you complain about this to me!”

It took quite some time for them to calm down and start looking for a kid in the marketplace.

“Hey, should I choose that orphan who has no way to be a good man because he is in an orphanage that never serves good food; so he is never filled with anything except bitterness when he watches other kids who are well fed and have their parents?” The demon asked.

“Such a long question! Oh my God! I was about to sleep by the end of it! Nope. Nothing doing with that kid. Although, I hope he becomes good too. But I want to choose someone else.” The angel said.

“Quit fussing. Start looking then, mate.”

“Should I choose that girl over there. She is kind and good. Her kindness and goodness are so great that even Mount Everest would be ashamed when he watches it.” The angel said.

The demon started chortling.

“Lolgasm!” He said.” Nice choice. Because you have joked so well, I have it in my mind to choose that girl.”

“Great! I thought you would have some objections.” The angel said.

“Why would I have any objections?”the demon said with a rather innocent look.

That look instantly put the angel on his guard. "Let me make a call to Jesus. Just to make sure that that girl is okay to be chosen.”


After several minutes, the angel was saying:”That is why we angels never make friends with you demons. She is evil and prideful! She is snobbish. Jesus said to me. Because you thought I didn’t know about her, I would choose her? You…….”

“Okay! Okay! Sorry!” The demon said.

“But I am ready.”

“Ready for what?”

“Choose the girl.”

“Lolgasm! What? Really?”

“Hmmm. Jesus said so.”


“Just one thing. I will drop a note to her. Just one note. Nothing else.”

“Hmmm. Okay.” The demon said grumpily. What could a note do?

So, the bait was chosen.

And her name was Angel.

Angels are brilliant creatures. They, being supernatural, think even better than Sherlock Holmes at his best. A brilliant plan was coming to the angel’s mind.

He dropped a note right in front of her. And because she couldn’t watch him, she thought that the note was from an angel. So, well, she thought rightly.

“Someone is trying to make you bad, Angel. Beware of him!” The note read.

Her snobbishness and pride were instantly aroused. She looked on in the direction of the sky and clutched the note tightly in her hand. Who would dare to make her bad!

“Now what are you going to do?”the demon asked.”Puke over the note?” The demon burst out laughing, seeing that her pride had even more increased.

“I am going to cry over it. If you don’t mind.”

And the angel immediately began crying. Small drops of dew appeared on the note. Or so Angel saw.

She immediately began rubbing the note, to make it clean. All her stuff were neat and clean. This had better be too!

In the process of rubbing, the angel tore the part of “trying to make you bad” from the note. So that the note now read:”Someone is Angel. Beware of him!”

The demon now saw what a brilliant plan the angel had come up with. If he had only written Angel was a bad girl, she would have become angry at the note and throw it away. But making her think of her so-called “qualities” and show it to her that they were just false. Phew! That was just what the angel could come up with.

The angel smiled at the demon.

“Well done Sherlock. But if I look at the clock I still have 11 minutes left. Enough to make her bad again.” The demon said.

The rest of the 10 minutes were boring. The demon tried to take the note away from the girl, but she   did not. The note had got her thinking. Why was she a good person after all? In the end the demon caused her mother to take the note away from her. But the contents were embedded in her mind now.

“Okay. You win!” The demon said innocently.

Out of the corner of his eye the angel saw a car arriving.


The angel made the driver aim for the lamppost instead.

“That would have only made her forget the note. That’s all!” The demon said.

“And you would have won”, the angel said.” But now I win. Look at the time!”

And so the angel told all about angels and demons to the girl. I very recently got to know of this story form the girl herself. And so, I wrote it down. How was it?

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