The box

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"The Box" is an unsolved mystery about the difference between life and death by the writer of "The Chronicles of Mysterious Land". Short stories are always very lively and interesting, enjoy this

Submitted: October 24, 2017

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Submitted: October 24, 2017



The box


"This is the most terrified moment of my life, that I have ever experienced. After he pulled me, I fell on the bare floor without a grabbing. This time I could only see him picking up his gun and pointing it towards me. It was the last time I breathed on this earth, I could hear the gun shot and felt a something very heavy penetrate through my chest, silence for a moment, my ears have clogged with something, then everything went blur. Maybe I went to heaven or hell, if not I think my soul is floating with the air, until it finds a better place to fits in. Whatever, the death only defines me that I'm not something in this world anymore, I'm not a part of this world anymore and my thoughts are not valid in this world anymore. Because I'm dead. The end."

Suddenly I lifted my head from shaken up by the sound of the clock strikes 12.00 am in the morning. I always think that I shouldn't have built my house near by the church. Even when I sleep by the night, I always taken up by this sound, and now it has become a habit. I put my pen away and finished the novel I was writing for months. It's been about five years since I started writing and living my life over books after I dropped out of college. My first book was a best seller in the states, so I moved into a small town called Winchester hills which is situated in the western hills of North America. This was the best dream of my life, all I wanted was a single life in a small quiet town, with the fresh air and a big house and a better vehicle. As a 30-year-old young man, I think I have accomplished my dreams pretty much. I was the only child of the house with my father and mother, both of them left me behind after doing everything for my studies. I moved into this town not so far, but still the neighbors looking at me like I'm a stranger to them, because I barely get out, just for grocery. And, no one ever come in or out of my house except me. As a writer, I guess they may have imagined me as some secret agent, because of the high security cameras around my house because it has become a hobby for me to gossip through them when I'm bored to work. 

I woke up from recalling the past, and I think it's the time for me to sleep. Cool shower always works for me for a good sleep, it releases all the stress and the loneliness thoughts that were rolling over my head. I imagine like I'm getting a brain wash from a night shower, when the cool water falls on my head then they swim through my hair after dividing into little programmed particles carrying the files required for a brain cleaning. After washing up, I put some clean clothes and embraced the bed. suddenly I woke up with a sound came inside from the house. I thought it must have been a rat or something. Then I again fell into a sleep.

This time I really jumped out of my bed literally, because it was too noisy. I couldn’t wait something get into more troublesome, so I checked into the security cameras around the house with the doubt of having an intruder in the house. I can see no one, so I turned it off and kept quiet. After a while, I heard the same noise from the nearby, surely it is coming from the basement. It sounds like something hitting on the floor, just like playing baseball inside my basement. I got up lazily and turned the lights on everywhere of my house and waited. It seemed like the one who was playing baseball in my basement has ignored my presence. I hurried down the stairs and headed towards the basement to make sure whose tournament was that.

By the time I rushed over there, the sound had completely stopped, I stopped a while and stared over the basement for a better look. It has started again! Now it seemed like it was coming from the corner of my basement, I stepped toward it quietly to observe it well. This time I got surprised with the look I got to see. There was a wooden box, a totally strange one that I have never seen in my house before. "How did it come here?" I just told to myself. I patted it and rolled it here and there, also the sound was coming from the inside. "Maybe a rat has trapped in here?" I thought so, it was the best time for world peace because I didn’t have a revenge against the rat as I wanted to get back to my bed soon. I brought it outside the basement and tried to open it with my kitchen equipment. After a little struggle, it opened and this insight made me amazed. As I could see it well through the kitchen lights, there was nothing inside it. I cursed my imagined rat and the box for ruining my sleep.

 It wasn't the winter in North America, but I felt a chilly wind blows through the kitchen. I checked the windows, they were locked well. Then I put back the box in the basement and stepped to the bed room for a sleep. Without taking much time, my heavy eyes got closed and enter the zero land.

I have never set an alarm after I moved to here, because the church's clock tower always helped me for waking up. It's 9.00 o'clock in the morning, I woke up with my lazy eyes. It was my proof reading day of the new book. I never liked doing a proof reading, so I made some black coffee and half boiled egg sandwiches with sausages for a good start. As usually I turned on my laptop to check on the Facebook and emails. After a while, my thought clouds were broken up by the rang of the door bell. Letter boy had arrived and It was asking about my new book. I think, I should publish it sooner, or my life will come to an end. Who thinks so? I'm just 30, more many years to go.

I was again shaken up by something unfamiliar. It was unexpected. Only I got to ask was "Who is there?”. It was a female voice, heard like it was coming through a radio. But, I was so sure it was a female voice. I stood up and went towards the living room. No one could come to my house instead of the front door. But when I went there, I couldn't see anyone visible. "Hello???" I yelled loudly. No one is responding. "Yeah, it may be stubborn neighbor!". I told to myself and turned back to go to the bed room.

A chilly wind passed through my ears, all shivering my body giving me a feeling like I was the only one person left on the planet earth. I quickly turn back to double-check my kitchen. With my human eyesight, I could only catch a gesture of something faster than a human or an animal went through the kitchen then disappeared to thin air. I thought that I was having hallucinates because of less sleep. I thought to go back and get into my works to get a grab of something real. I could only go a one step forward, as I stopped suddenly with something grabbed me by my hand, a something so cold, a something was pulling me back. While everything was happening, I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest as I could hear it's beating sound raising up.

My thoughts stopped for a moment like I got an iced cube inside my head. I felt like I was losing a grip of my body, and it was melting and disappearing. I got my senses back after hearing a thin female voice coming through cold air and penetrating my ears like a pin. "Help me!!..."

That was the only word I could remember when I woke up laying on the bare floor. "What happened?" I murmured to myself. My lips were dehydrated and my hands were so cold. Suddenly I could remember the things around the incident, but I couldn't believe my own memories as I was having less sleep throughout the last week as I was busy with writing my book. I stood up and went to my room to change clothes. I think It was the better time for me to meet a doctor.

As doctor mentioned I was having hallucinates, so the best medicine for me was to get a break from my work and have a better sleep.

After having the best sleep of my life thanks to the doctor’s prescription, I woke up fresher than ever. I head to the kitchen to prepare some breakfast as I was starving from having a long sleep. Suddenly, it was like I was stoned into a statue by the insight I'm having in front of me. Or maybe I'm crazy. It was a girl in mid-twenties sitting on my favorite couch in the kitchen, wearing a white nigh gown. My sight went blur with the shock, and I couldn’t stand on my own feet so I grabbed a nearby chair so tight after seeing the white moist around her.

She was giving me a plain, weak smile and she had a pale face like she has been starving for years. When she moved her lips, "No!!! You tell me I'm dreaming!" I uttered loudly. She was trying to say something to me but the only word came out of her lips were "Help me!". I was staring at her because I couldn't get a meaning of all this. In front of my own eyes, while I was watching she melted to the thin air again giving me that chill.

I was recalling yesterday situation and now I was pretty much sure that I wasn't dreaming or hallucinating. I am a writer, so I have never believed in ghosts until see an actual one. I was freezing and all the things that crossed my mind was I had no one to speak with, I had one to ask as I was a lone guy in a lone house very far from my hometown. I felt helpless, how could I live with a ghost?? I was having thousands of thoughts about everything and nothing. I even didn’t feel I was living.

Suddenly something crossed my mind, everything started with the sound came from the basement, I have never been troubled in this home until I opened that weird box. All I could do was destroying the box or throwing it out. I didn't wait for a moment, I changed my clothes and rushed back in to the basement and picked up the odd box and put it into my car. I felt it was heavier than earlier. Nothing to guess, there was really something wrong with that weird box. I locked the door and hurried out to the town circle, I couldn't find a better place to throw it so I put it in a huge garbage tank nearby the circus ground. There wasn't much people in the town as the weather was too much bright. I headed back to the home after having a better lunch to celebrate this moment of victory.

As I thought, when I got home everything has turned back into normal, surrounding was good. So, I continued with my work and got back to sleep earlier. At once, I woke up with the 12.00 O'clock striking in the church. As I was sleeping much last few days, I felt bothered to get back to asleep again and I checked into the surveillance cameras as I do it regularly. I saw there was something outside my wall, something weird. I zoomed it out and then I could see a some type of a caravan parked in there. "May be owner having a nap" I told to myself and went to asleep.

The very next day morning, I woke up with the sounds of chirping birds and good fresh air. It felt like it was going to be the best day for me. I hurried to the kitchen to make coffee with grilled sausages for breakfast. I turned on the television to listen some music of a morning chart show to freshen up my mind. Today I was planning on giving my book for publishing, it felt like a fresh start for me. Suddenly I stopped by hearing a local news around our area. It was about a missing person works in the circus. I turned off the television and head back to bed room to prepare the requirements for publishing my book. I ironed the best shirt to wear and I had a moment with thoughts since I had been waiting for this incident my life. This will be a great anchor for my writing life.

It's almost past 3.00 O'clock in the evening and I hurried up to the garage and drove my vehicle out. Some sort of disturbance caught my eyes as I got my car to the road. It was the same vehicle, in the same place parked in front of my house. I stopped my car in the other side of the road and get out to have a better look. It was a caravan from the circus where I dropped that weird box to the garbage tank. And, something from the local news on the television caught up my mind after seeing an ID of a person in the circus. It was the same face on the television on the morning.

A lightning bolt strike through my head after seeing another thing inside the caravan. The same chilly wind blew through my head paralyzing my body without any movement. It was the same weird box inside the caravan and staring at me like saying "Welcome home daddy". All the scenario came through my head like I was reading about a criminal case on the newspaper. This caravan owned to that mission person and he might had been dead since the last night turning me to the culprit. The only solution came to my mind was getting rid of this whole thing before police come and ask questions. It will be black mark to my life as I'm a kind of famous writer in the state.

I wanted to get disappear for a moment, and flew in the sky watching this over. It was going to be one of important days of my life and it got ruined within a flash. I couldn't have so much time for thinking I connected the caravan to my car as a trailer. I wasn't thinking the facts "How did this mess come inside the caravan or how did this caravan park here without a driver”. After seen too much unbelievable things, there wasn't anything left in this world for me to no to believe. So, it was all like a fantasy without an end.

I headed slowly through an uncrowded road to miss the police station and the public. I had to go very slowly as I'm not used to this kind of driving. I went far and far, until I feel it is so far away from my house, that this thing cannot find my house. I was breathless and full of thoughts. I didn't mind where I was headed, I was just going forward. Suddenly I felt so much cold inside my car, I turn down the a/c as I was freezing. My heart stopped when I was looking at the back mirror of my vehicle.

It was her! Her pale face was staring at me now it more seemed like a glaring. As I thought I was right, she has gone mad with me for what I was doing. "Help me!" She murmured to my ear like a snowflake falling on a glass. I really didn't have any idea about what kind of a help she had wanted, but only thing I wanted to get rid of her even without involving with her in a glare.

My hands were so cold, I was grabbing steering wheel so tightly as I thought I will lose my grips. And in the next time I couldn't see her in the back seat, then I felt her cold hand over my neck. I thought I was going to start freezing from my legs, then to stomach, then to heart as my head is already frozen. "Help me!!!" she whispered to my ears while putting her hands around my neck. This time she sounded very angry, the only thing I could do was drive faster. Then her reaction was worst, she grabbed my neck tightly and it was so sure that she had wanted me to stop the vehicle or she will kill me.

I couldn’t find a better place on the road to even stop the vehicle, so I continued driving faster and she was also grabbed my neck tightly. My vision was blurring, but I wanted to throw her out of the way so that I could get a grab on my wheels well. I couldn't breathe, I thought that I was losing my self, this time she was so near to kill me.

I stopped the car in a rush, where a place nearby forest and muddy stream. I couldn't go much far as there was a heavy mist in front of me and a railway crossing. She lost her grip on my neck when I was stopping the car then I took the chance and jumped out of the car to the road. The only solution crossed my mind that time to fire the box or throw it in the stream. I ran towards the caravan and opened the door. I picked up the box quickly and a lighter from my pocket.

While I was doing all this, she was watching me near my car with an angry face. I started to fire up the box in my hand. She stepped forward without making voices like walking on a cloud. I stepped back when she was stepping towards me. Box wasn't catching up any fire so faster, only I could slow down her as I saw it was doing some harm to her by the fire. Taking that chance, I ran towards the stream to throw it in there.

It has become so dark I could even see my steps without the car lights. Box wasn't burning much, so the only one solution was to throw it in the river. I didn't know whether it will work or not, but I must save my life from her. She is now about 2m away from me, this was the best time for me to do it in action. In a rush, I threw the burning box in the river.

"No!!!!...." She screamed so loudly that it could tear up my eardrums as I could feel my ears are bleeding. Suddenly she grabbed me again by neck, and I was struggling to get away from her. We were both on the railway, and it was the edge of the stream. In the next time, I heard the yelling of her and siren of the train from afar. My vision went black, dark and deep. It was heavy and felt like I had a sudden attack. When I was trying to breath out of water, I wished that the very next day I will wake up warmly on a bed with hot coffee breakfast.

Yes, I woke up, but not in the imagined bed, but in the exact place I parked my car last night, it was like I slept on the stream all night, but I didn't feel any cold, why? But I suddenly saw the police came in and they were covering a body on the railway, it was wearing a white night gown, just like hers. And another body was dragging out of the stream, it was a young man, he was wearing same clothes as I do. Nice, he really looks like me. So, I should wake up now, it is the suitable time to end my dream.

But, it was like a universal silence, no one could hear or speak. It was like my dreams melt on the water of the stream without leaving a memory behind. In that few seconds of my last breath, I remembered how happy I was in the college, at my home with my released book. Even my parents. Before I blacked out I could recall the last few words of my story book, am I dying? I felt so scared for a moment. My lifetime has expired, I should have known earlier, why the birds were chirping in the morning, when there is no any garden in my house. Now I'm also not valid anymore. Because I'm dead.

The end...

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