Make me Whole

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i decided to write about something after completing chapter one of my latest fanfictions, which i should upload within the following days!

Submitted: October 24, 2017

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Submitted: October 24, 2017



NOTE: This is a work of fiction. Any semblance to real people is entirely coincidental.


you, over there
can't you see me
in your eyes, scrutinizing, I'm nothing more than a piece of rubble
you, with your work-roughened hands, the ones that can straighten my hair
can't you feel me
you can't possibly shatter
a small mote of dust
or shattered pieces of porcelain
my heart when I fell to the ground
any more
then I have been shattered now
by other's words
I have been shattered, and have waited desperately, for someone to find me
and put me back together
it won't take glue and it won't take stitches
what it takes is time
and kind words
my memories regressing
let me speak
let me feel whole

the wind whistles through my bones
through my porous skin, infected from the needle
laced with liquified poison
a powder
a power
on top of the world
I'm breaking, 

too many times I've drained a bottle
too many times its been my friend
even loneliness deigned to leave me
my forever friend now carves out stories on my arms in red
mingling and intermingling with old and hurting bruises
on my hips, my arms, my thighs
too many times I've known
what it felt like to be lonely

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