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One man and a research paper.

Submitted: October 24, 2017

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Submitted: October 24, 2017



Research Papers.

Sitting at my desk, cranking out my response paper #5, I realize that the tediousness of citing all of my sources in the Chicago-Style Citation preference, creating a footnote and then busting out a works cited page is just not worth my time. Not so much worth my time, but a waste of the creative topics I have in mind for the paper. My research paper is on Murakami’s “Super-Frog Saves Tokyo.” There’s a passage that reads, “I’m an absolutely ordinary guy. Less than ordinary. I’m going bald, I’m getting a potbelly, I turned 40 last month.”1 I’m trying to argue that many of Murakami’s protagonists are reflections of himself. More concisely, Murakami’s protagonists do not fit the expected mold of Japanese society, and thus, many of his protagonists serve as images of Murakami’s feelings of isolation in his native country. As the “Los Angeles Review Of Books” commented, “Murakami, however, does not write to capture the essence of the Japanese mind, and his characters are not meant to be a model of any era or group.”2

It’s usually at this point I come up with the great idea to smoke a cigarette. A perfect excuse to step outside and indulge in a drug I don’t even like. They taste bad and leave a bad taste in your mouth. They are bad. It fills up my time though. Doing nothing feels nice. I throw on a hoodie and put my shoes on. Step outside, lock the door behind me. Walk towards the end of the apartment complex where there is a section to lean on the railing. After I light up, a lady with her dog comes out of her apartment and her dog runs away from her. The dog climbs down the stairs and jumps on two other guys located below me. They are also walking their dogs. Once things settle down, I suddenly hear a screeching sound coming from a car’s tires. A truck bursts out of an alley subsequently followed by a siren. There is a cop car chasing this guy. I start to get engaged. I’m observing something pretty interesting. I can tell by looking through the car’s window that the driver is a male college student. He pulls out of the alley and I think he’s going to pull over. But this is not the case. The guy comes up with the brilliant idea to pretend that he’s pulling over. Another cop car approaches. He takes a right at the stoplight only a few feet from the college driver and pulls up next to the other cop car. I’m rooting for the guy at this point. They guy probably doesn’t want to get caught with pounds of heroin in his truck. Makes sense. Self-preservation. Suddenly, the guy slams his foot on the accelerator and maneuvers around a car directly in front of him who’s stopped at a red light. He goes over the sidewalk, almost hits the girl walking her dog. The guy then gets back on the road, takes a right at the intersection while almost colliding into a few cars driving straight through the intersection. After that, all I hear is the guy’s truck speeding up the street. The two cops are dumbfounded. They try to chase after him but they almost drive into each other. They’re in an awkward position. They both try to go at the same time, continuing to almost hit each other. Very amusing. The protectors of my fine city are truly an inspiration. Finally, the two cops gesture with their hands indicating that one of them should go first, then followed by the second. Good plan. They get back on the road where the guy turned right and their sirens go on again. The chase continues. I blow the remaining smoke from my cigarette out my nostrils.

Haruki Murakami, “Super-Frog Saves Tokyo.” In After the Quake, translated by Jay Rubin. (Knopf, 2002), 11.

2Amanda Lewis, “The Essence of the Japanese Mind: Haruki Murakami and the Nobel Prize,” review of “Super-Frog Saves Tokyo:” After the Quake, by Haruki Murakami, “Los Angeles Review Of Books,” October 18, 2013,


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