under the stars

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a 16 year old waiting to finally get out of juvie. she doesnt have much hope, but she cant wait to finally see the world.

Submitted: October 24, 2017

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Submitted: October 24, 2017



i just got out of juvie a couple days ago. and now im settling in at my apartment i bought from the money i had before juvie, along with a picture of my mom and a stuffed baby elelphant toy i got from my mom berefore juvie. but the police took it away from me before i went into juvie. i kept staring at the picture of my mom untill i noticed a dog out the window of my apartment. i went outide to shew it away. after that i went back into my apartment to look at the picture again untill i heard i scratch at the door. i went to the door to open it. it was the dog again. i told the dog to go away again untill i saw its sad eyes. i picked up the dog and went back inside. when i got back inside i noticed that the dog has a lot of scrapes and blood from wounds on his body. so i grab some papertowl and some water and i rub the blood off of his wounds. after that i ask myself "were did this dog come from". that night i made a little newspaper bed so the dog could sleep there. after that i went to bed. right when i put my head on the pillow, the dog jumped onto the bed  into my arms. i didnt move the dog because i was to tired. i went to sleep touching the warm soft fur from the dog.

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