A Beautiful Nightmare

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A narrative piece I wrote for English

Submitted: October 24, 2017

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Submitted: October 24, 2017



The bodies fell onto the ground around me, slamming into the dirt. The screams filled the air, echoing across the plains. I watched as their dark, red blood spilled out creating swirls and patterns on the ground. I cried out, screaming into the darkening sky, the tears rolled down my face into the foul mess. I lifted my head and stared at the setting sun, watching the colours blend together. I raised my hand and reached for the fading glow in the sky, my only hope, my only friend. As I watched the sun sink, my dreams cracked and smashed into tiny pieces, splintering my soul and piercing my heart. I felt the waves of sorrow over power me as I crumpled to the ground in a bedraggled heap, sobbing loudly and shaking like a child. There was nothing left here for me, only the worms and the birds who picked mercilessly at the rotting flesh of the damned. After hours of grieving I managed to push myself up onto my knees and shakily stand up. I stared at the bleak plains which was crowded with corpses. Some had weapons pierced through them like skewers, others were torn apart into unrecognisable pieces.

I walked through the maze of bodies, staggering over broken flags and severed limbs. The moon was my only source of light. I kept my gaze ahead and dared not to look back at what I had left behind me. I walked on the battlefield until early morning, and continued into the late afternoon. I never stopped moving forward, even though my feet were blistered and the sweat from the blazing sun ran down my forehead. I kept on going through the pain and grief, through the hunger and thirst, making my way towards home. But where was home? I didn’t know, but the feeling of having a place in the world kept me going. I continued my journey into the evening, slowing down from dizziness and agony, becoming slower and slower until I could no longer take another step. I collapsed onto the ground, my body making direct contact with the solid earth. I let out a gasp as the air was knocked out of my lungs, sending pain into my chest. I gritted my teeth and breathed in slowly, trying to get back my much needed oxygen.

I laid there on the ground until the sun set and the moonless night took its place in the sky. I rolled onto my back and breathed in the dusty, dry air around me. I felt my heavy eye lids start closing from exhaustion. A small smile made its way onto my lips. Maybe dying wasn’t so bad after all. Maybe, just maybe, I could live in peace, away from the battlefield and away from the earth. I drifted off into a deep sleep, filled with dreams of harmony and moonlight. I dreamt about a forest with a large lake running down the middle of it. I dreamt of willow trees with leaves of green and purple and wild flowers of a glowing blue. I dreamt of the wind caressing my cheek and the full moon shining bright in my eyes, filling the world with a mystical light. It really was beautiful, the lush green grass swaying in the breeze, the fireflies dancing and circling around me to the sound of an imaginary tune. But the dream soon started fading, floating away out of my reach. I tried grabbing it and pulling it back to me but the wisps dodged my desperate grasping.

I screamed out for the world to come back but it was all to no avail. I woke up on the cold, rocky soil, filled with misery and despair. That was what I wanted, what I needed, what I craved for. That was my home. The tears poured down my face, making small puddles on the ground. I closed my weary eyes and reached up to the moon with a limp arm, expecting nothing. But then I felt it, the warm, strong grip that clutched my hand. I quickly opened my eyes as my heart pounded with fear, but my heart beat soon settled as I stared into the bright, blue eyes of another man. His short, golden hair shone in the moonlight, his skin warm to the touch. A gentle smile grew on his face as he pulled me up off the ground and wrapped his arms around me, holding me close to his chest so that I would not fall. The man turned his head and I did the same. There I saw a large golden gate, decorated with designs. However, there was nothing else surrounding it except for the barren plains around us. 

The man turned back to me and nodded, holding me tighter before lifting me off my feet and into his arms. Together we approached the gate but I did not feel nervous, instead I felt peace. The man lifted a key on a chain from around his neck and stuck it into the lock, turning it once. The gate opened with a single click, and there it was. My own little world. The man looked at me once more and this time I nodded. Then we were gone, leaving the world of the damned far behind us. Not once did I look back. Not even when the gate shut behind us and disappeared out of sight forever, leaving us together, and forever in harmony. 

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