Tengku in Trouble

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A little monkey troubles all with his pranks. One day he falls into trouble himself and has a change heart.Read the story to know how.

Submitted: October 25, 2017

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Submitted: October 25, 2017




Tengku was a frivolous little monkey who troubled all with his pranks. Not only were the animals of the jungle tired of his pranks but also the people living in the vicinity

He would frequent the nearby hamlets in order to plunder the orchards there and to mess up the pickles, papads and other edibles spread in the sun to dry by the villagers. His favourite trick was to catch the old grannies and small kids unawares (as they sat in the courtyard to relish their chapattis or fritters) by appearing unexpectedly from nowhere, snatching the food items from their hands and then grimacing at their stupefied faces from a distance. As a result, most of the days he was seen swinging from one tree to another chased by some stone-pelting and stick-wielding angry villagers.
Our nasty little Tengku studied in the only school of the jungle run by Pundit Jackal. He held classes in a large clearing. All the students like Humdo Hathi(the elephant), Tuktuki Squirrel, Vamso Valu(the bear), Buchki Owl sat on the ground, while Punditji sat on a log of wood. Restless Tengku could never sit quietly. He would pinch his classmates, pull them by their tail or hair, or screech suddenly to distract the whole class. Punditji had to find new methods to punish him daily. 

One such day, when Tengku had pricked Nengti rat's ear with Purpuri porcupine's sharp spine, Punditji ordered him to somersault around the ground until the school got over. After sometime, as usual, Punditji dozed off asking the students to complete a writing-task, and the cheeky little monkey grabbed that golden opportunity to escape.

Tengku rushed to the village directly from school. It was summer, and the trees were bending with ripe fruits. First, he plucked a few mangoes, nibbled at them and threw them one after the other. Then he did the same with some guavas. Next, he gathered three fleshy bananas and sprinted to his favourite bamboo grove. He sat comfortably on one of the branches, peeled off each banana and ate merrily. After a nice round burp, as he tried to jump to another branch, he felt a sharp tug at his tail.'Now who's the brave one to touch Tengku’s tail...,'saying this as he turned to face the miscreant, he found no one. Instead, his eyes popped out as he saw the quarter-end of his tail stuck within a half-split bamboo stem. Now, how his tail found the trap, he had no clue. Neither could he reach the stem nor could he pull his tail. The more he pulled, deeper in the narrow slit the tail went causing unbearable pain. Therefore, he had no other option but to sit there helplessly, contemplating on ways to free himself. 

The sun was now leaning towards the west from overhead position. Tengku started getting bored. A crow came and sat on the same branch. The little monkey found hope. He pleaded with the crow, ' Mama(maternal uncle), I'm stuck over here… see how…will you please help me?' The crow slanted his head and pretended to listen, but only to fly away the next moment without a word. Tengku could only sigh. After an hour or so, to his utter delight, he saw his classmate Tuktuki sqirrel's uncle, scurrying up a branch. Tengku started whooping, ' Chacha, chacha,… here I'm ...Tengku...see how I'm stuck over here ...since noon. Chacha, please inform my parents.' Chacha(uncle) came, inspected and said in as grave a voice as a squirrel could make, 'Hmm, how in the world you got trapped like this? ...And that also at noon you say, hmph? You should have been at school at that time...What were you doing here?' He scuttled away grumpily. Now, Tengku was totally at a loss. He felt dejected. How could Chacha go away like the crow leaving him in distress? Tears welled up in his eyes. He felt remorseful. If and only if he had not misbehaved in school, he would not have been in this mess.Now, he had no idea when he would get out of this plight.

He had dozed off, when suddenly he started with a strange noise. Holla! He opened his eyes to see almost the whole animal community, along with his parents and led by Chacha squirrel, coming in his direction. It took them a few seconds to understand the situation, but when they did, they could only scratch their heads and create a ruckus discussing noisily over ways to free their little one. At a time, arrived Pundit Jackal. He heard and saw all, and then he asked the animals to fetch the barber from the nearest village to cut the entrapped tail. ‘There is no other way to rescue the brat,’ he said. 

Without delay, all the animals rushed to the barber's house and started calling him. Hearing the strange howling barber Baburam, who had just returned from work, peeped out of a window and shuddered to see the large troop. He asked in a trembling voice, 'What do you want?' 
'We just want you to cut a monkey’s tail,' they said unanimously.
'I cut hair and trim beard of man but never have tried my hands on any animal...how can I cut a tail?' Babulal said thoughtfully. But the sight of all the wild animals compelled him to pick his barber's kit and follow them. When he reached the site and saw Tengku's station on the bamboo branch, he nodded his head and said that climbing a bamboo stem was an impossible task for a human being. So, he showed a wise, old monkey how to hold and use scissors. The able monkey went up and finally cut the stuck tail of Tengku. 

And God, how he yelled and cried and howled and jumped after that! Then, following the barber's instruction, all the animals held the ailing monkey tightly while Babulal applied some ointment from his box and bandaged the wound with herbs and leaves after which Tengku calmed down a bit. It took a few days for the wound to heal and for him to return to school. Thereafter, all started teasing him, ‘Tailless Tengku...tailless Tengku,' but Tengku did not retaliate, for he had become a good monkey.


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