One of Those Days

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Every had one of those days?

Submitted: October 25, 2017

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Submitted: October 25, 2017



I wake up shattered

Haven't slept a wink

I'd say I'm hungover

But I don't drink.


I go to take a shower

But the water is freezing

As I get dressed for work

I can't stop sneezing.


I climb in my car

To find it won't start

It cost me five hundred

In Exchange and Mart.


I head for the bus

There's a queue at the stop

People yelling and shouting

It's all kicking off.


They tell me there's a strike

The drivers have gone berserk

People ring for taxis

And phone in work.


I can’t afford a cab

I’ve got a quid to my name

As I set off walking

It starts to bloody rain.


By the time I get to work

I’m soaked to the skin

My boss looks at the clock

And asks me where I’ve been.


If today was a film

It'd be a horror

I should have stayed in bed

And come back out tomorrow.


Today has to be

The worst day I've ever had

Someone asks me how it's going

I say not too bad.

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