What A Fool Believes

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A quick analysis of the American dream, and what is evolving into.

Submitted: October 25, 2017

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Submitted: October 25, 2017



I can remember the day Donald Trump descended down his golden escalator to announce his candidacy for President...
The following day - based on a psychic premonition or maybe "hyper-intuitiveness" - I boldly proclaimed via social media, that "The Donald" would become the next President of the United States after beating an inept Hillary Clinton by a considerable margin.
Most people thought I was nuts...there might have been 5% of the American populace, or maybe less, that shared that same paradigm on this particular issue that day. The New York Times boldly proclaimed a 97% chance of Hillary Clinton beating Trump. In fact, every media agency shared the same opinion as well. I sighed knowing that these organizations were essentially complicit in a racket that ultimately ruined their credibility in my eyes. I have become skeptical of just about every news agency and the determined journalists that contribute to their rackets as a result of it.
Even the ones on the right...didn't really come around until "Lying Ted" Cruz got eaten alive by Trump and his machine. Then folks started to shake their head in disbelief knowing "wow, this guy really does have a chance." Meanwhile, I was just quietly observing for an entire year, at the disgusting debacle that our Country was in. Friendships and marriages ruined - violence form all sides bringing out the absolute worst this Country as to offer. A Country my ancestors founded in 1675 and built up and fought for at places like Trenton, Princeton, and of course glorious Yorktown.
But Americans want to be Americans...with their sacred 1st Amendment, which essentially has become perverted as a result of "not regulating morality". They all jumped on the bandwagon and became avid Trump supporters. Those who bent left, vowed to fight to the death, contributing grossly to anti-American behavior that would bring great shame to our Founding Fathers. The ebbs and flows of the collective concious amplified like a high fequency radio signal broadcast into the cosmos.
However, the one steady variable in all of this madness...was me. I have always been a beacon of truth and I quickly called out both sides for their transgressions or "mis-perceptions" - wading through the thick density of "ego-flatulence" that covered our Country. I never really could blame the American populace, because of that corrupted media racket that was brainwashing them - rapidly and very effectively - on their impressive mobile devices.
People will occasionally ask me, "How did you know Tom?". Was it that famous "Tommy O'Neil's famous Sixth Sense" that kept every Marine and Sailor alive during every mission I ran in Iraq? Maybe. Or was it the memories of my dear loving, but tough and serious father, and his days in the Philadelphia Mob in Atlantic City...remembering his last words to me as he died in a hospice in Goodyear, Arizona ten years ago...
"Sullivan..." He gasped out..."Sullivan" and he passed away in my arms two days later...
I knew then that I would hear the name Sullivan again - sometime and somewhere - and low and behold, his big photo and a long expose on Trump's Mob ties, featured in a very well done Washington Post article last year, would make this true.
It wasn't all bad...I was able to reconnect with the Shapiro Family - our angels from South Philadelphia that were the best friends my father and I could ever ask for. A time in my life that I had completely forgot about after going away to College out west after I graduated from High School - going out into the world and eating a ton of shit. I realized too that my dear old Dad, was a Mob heavyweight - always an honorable and respectful gentleman - at least he tried his hardest to be, but nobody is perfect.
I think Dad was trying to tell me that him, his former best friend and business partner Danny Sullivan (Trump's right hand man), Frank Sheeran, John McCollough and maybe others, had conspired to murder and hide the body of Mr. James R. Hoffa in 1975. I firmly believe that this may be the case, but it appears that I will never be able to know for sure.
What I can leave you all with is this - be very skeptical of everything you read or hear on that is being told to you. Don't just jump on one side because it fits in with your conditioned ego or paradigm. If you do that, you are just becoming complicit in the racket. You owe more than that to our Founding Fathers, and no matter how much anger you have with one side, DO NOT WIPE YOUR ASS WITH OLD GLORY.
Americans will never truly understand how fortunate they have it - until they get exposure to places like Kandahar City or Al Qaim. Places where there is no rule of law. It is places like this, that Americans can find their true meddle and purpose, and it can reinvigorate their love for this sacred Country that has given the world so much.
And to conclude, kindly keep all of this in perspective before you decide to enter in any discussions on my Facebook page. Sure, I welcome discourse. But honest discourse focused on enlightening those who are having a hard time seeing the truth in things. I too, try to be an honorable Gentleman, like my dear old Dad did...but nobody is perfect.

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