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A little short I wrote in honor of breast cancer awareness month. I hope you enjoy

Submitted: October 25, 2017

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Submitted: October 25, 2017



Once upon a time there was a happy pair. The duo was unfazed by the sag age and time had bestowed upon them- when they were properly lifted the pair shined like days gone past.


One fateful day the happy pair were told one was terminally sick and the sickness couldn't be cured only total elimination would work. The pair was devastated. They had been together as far as they could remember. Grown together, ached together, bounced together. Now one was being torn away – taken – replaced with a stiff, unfeeling, unmoving imitation with the promise of a future softer, natural mate.


There was a time when both would rise together perky and alert ready for fun – now the lone survivor doesn't feel the same – never perky – never alert. Always in an awkward lonely bounce when on the move – awaiting the promised partner. The stand in is a pale replacement of its former mate- never friendly – only numb, rigid and stationary.


At last the day arrives for the temp to be replaced. Will the new mate be soft and inviting? Will the new mate be less awkward? One thing is for sure the new mate will never stand at attention when called like its former partner. The new mate may seem perkier and bounce anew, however this mate will never be alert and ready for fun the same as the old mate.


Once proud to flaunt themselves to one and all. They now hide in shame – the jagged scar a constant reminder of a time now gone- never to be seen in public again only appearing in the cover of dark or loneliness of solitude.

© Copyright 2018 Linette Dee. All rights reserved.

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