Craig's Odyssey: Volume 1

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Submitted: October 25, 2017

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Submitted: October 25, 2017



Humans are sinners, failures, idiots, and the most destructive beings on this planet and we mustn't ever forget that. Speaking of failures, there once was a girl named Christine, she lived in a small town in southern California. Her father was very successful at work, the manager of two fast food restaurant locations near Christine’s school. Yet despite working less than a mile from her school, Christine’s father never picked her up from school and made her walk home when school ended. Her father was often neglective; more focused on work than he was on Christine. In all seriousness, Christine was essentially average in almost every way. Of course until the horrible incident....

It began on a Saturday, after going to the mall one day with her ‘friends’, Christine realized how boring she found her life to be; she was tired of school and wasn’t enjoying spending time with her ‘friends’ anymore. That day after walking home from the mall, with an overly sweetened coffee drink in her hand, she saw a man, Craig, smoking a cigarette and playing with a butterfly knife in the dirty alley between a Mcdonald’s™ and a Subway™. She stood there staring at him in silence for a solid minute and eventually broke the silence.

“What the hell are you doing?” She was utterly confused and intrigued at the same time by this dirty child who looked seconds from stabbing his parents for taking away his xbox.

“Go away” he asked in the most sarcastic tone imaginable.

“Why do you have a knife?”

“My mom gave it to me before she died.”

“Hey, my mom died when I was young too.” She was trying to find common ground with this guy and her mother’s death was the first thing that came to mind. Christine wasn’t the best at first date topics.

“Amazing, now go away.” He didn’t care and was just responding to be polite. Nevertheless, Christine proceeded to walk towards him and tossed her backpack beside a nearby dumpster, then sat down next to him, huddled over his shoulder watching this lonely child take years off his life as he breathed poison into his already blackening lungs.

“You know cigarettes are really bad for you, dude.”

“Wow, really? What a surprising and interesting thing I’ve definitely never heard before. You know, I’m almost twenty-five and you seem like you’re sixteen, why are you talking to me?” he retorted with the concerned and furrowed brow of a concerned father. He was very irritated by people speaking to him as he has only seen those he has loved fall to tragedy. He knew if he came close to someone again, they’d die, and if that happened he could never live with himself.

Christine envied how dedicated he was to self destruction and tried her best to imitate this impressive level of carelessness and pride which Craig possessed. This obsession with self destruction is what will one day lead to Christine’s downfall.

We, as people, will always be tempted by paths towards self destruction and it is our job to make a decision that we think suits us best. Our decisions can only be judged to be right or wrong by our own selves and that, in itself, is the most complex aspect of humanity.

Later that week, Christine saw Craig again, but their meeting was much more eventful this time. It was a Saturday morning and Christine arrived at Craig’s house, it was close to the city. She walked into the small suburban house that smelled like weed and was full of garbage with mattress and a lamp lying on the floor, the house had was full of character and history, it was beautifully terrible.

After wandering Craig’s castle for several minutes eventually Christine heard a voice coming from down the hall.

“Christine? Is that you? Fucking say something next time!” Craig was angered and confused by this rude awakening. “You’re 30 minutes early you weirdo!” he continued.

“Sorry, I like to be early so people don’t wait around for me.”

“Alright, well I’ll be ready in a minute, I just woke up. You can come over here if you want. My room is the one with the broken door” He was tired of speaking across the house and could tell by Christine’s voice that she had similar feelings.

“Ok.” Christine walked down the messy and hideous carpeted floor.

She eventually came across a door with a large hole in the center of it that was obviously made with Craig’s rugged fist. She opened the door and found a torn up and generally unkempt room full of old, dirty clothes and the smell of cigarettes and weed. Craig’s house was an island of imperfection in the world of normality and conformity that was his house.

“Howdy.” Craig came out of the bathroom with wet hair and a dirty white towel wrapped around his waist. Feeling completely comfortable, he confidently dropped the towel and changed into his clothes as if Christine weren’t even in the room, being corrupted by his overt sexuality.

“So, what are we doing again?” Christine was only told to come to his house at 10:00am and to leave at 10:00pm.

“We’re meeting my friend Jack—he makes drugs,” Craig explained as he grabbed a silver necklace off of his shelf. The necklace held a bronze skull with small, red rubies for eyes. It was a truly intriguing talisman that uttered mystery and a certain hint of evil and sin.

“S..So.. he makes them?” Christine felt that asking about the necklace would be rude so she left the question for another time.

“Yeah, he invents new shit, I test it and he just came up with some crazy shit so I’ve got a test what it does and shit. This shit’s supposed to be made of coke, t.h.c., and gasoline or some shit l like that. I don’t remember exactly, but I think it makes you shit your pants and see butterflies.”

“You say ‘shit’ a lot.”

“That’s true, let’s go” He grabbed his car keys, wallet, phone, a wad of twenty dollar bills, and headed out the door. Christine followed.

His house had a one-car garage which contained the ugliest, rustiest car in the world; it was Craig’s. The two of them hopped in and Craig floored it out of the garage while looking at the dashboard to play some very loud german metal.

“Is this legal?” Christine was terrified enough by the thought of testing drugs invented by a teenager, let alone driving to said teen’s house in a rusty old muscle car driven by some psychopath who may not even have his license.

“It’s fine, I take my permit test next month” He laughed and turned up the german metal while speeding through a stop sign and drifting into a suburban neighbourhood with the haste and carelessness of a man escaping a bank immediately after committing a heist.

“You could at least try not to kill us”

“What would be the fun in that?” Craig slammed on his breaks and threw his already dying car into the driveway of the most horrific looking house in the neighbourhood “This is his place.”

“It’s nice.” Christine was obviously being sarcastic.

“I know.” Craig rejected her sarcasm with an unemotional and unimpressed face.

The two of them waded through the plastic toys inexplicably strewn about the front yard. They walked into the house and Craig led Christine down to the basement (which are technically illegal in this state, but Jack could care less about laws) and smoke poured out of the door along with the smell of burning chemicals.

Jack was wearing thick rubber gloves, a black leather apron, protective goggles, and had a joint in his mouth.

“Craig! My man!” Jack ripped his goggles of his face and ran up to give Craig a warm hug with an enormous grin on his face “Who’s this bitch?” his smile faded to a bleak look of confusion.

“Her name’s Christine” Craig said as he remained stoic as he always did, lighting a cigarette and placing it in his mouth “Don’t worry about her, she’s cool.”

“Alright, man. We’ll see.” Jack had a history of distrust towards newcomers.

“Trust me, she’s cool man. She said she’s seen shit.” Craig was talking about the lie Christine told him about her brother being a drug dealer, yet Christine did not have a brother.

“Yeah…” Christine was about to make an unsuccessful attempt at seeming cool. “I ain’t no pussy.”

“Okay, cool it gangster. We got business to take care of” Craig pulled his cartoonishly large wad of cash from his pocket “How much for the new shit?”

“Well..” Jack itched his nose and glanced at the paper bag sitting on his lab table “I’d say twenty for a gram.”

“Alright...” Craig assessed his current financial status. “I’ll take four grams off your hands, so that’s eighty,” and he pulled four twenty dollar bills from his money wad.

“Sounds like a deal.”

“What are the effects again?” Craig remembered Christine was worried about what it would do.

“Well, it’s molly, gasoline, coke… and... uh... painkillers, and some thc” Jack struggled to remember what he put in his creation “So, basically you’ll see some crazy shit, get real hyper, then fall asleep and hopefully not die.

“That sounds like fun.” Christine was obviously less mature than the other people in the room.

“Yeah, you know it!” Jack laughed as he poured a few grams of yellow powder onto a scale, then collected it into a plastic bag and handed it to Craig who placed the bag in an inner pocket in his flannel.

“You know if Andrea’s here?” Craig asked hoping she’d be awake.

“Yeah, I think she’s on the couch in the living room,” Jack pointed to the room he was talking about, “but she probably can’t talk to much. She’s trippin’ balls on Korean Sunrise.” Korean Sunrise was a drug that Jack created years ago which would temporarily make you completely paralyzed from the neck down and unable to see for several hours, but in that time you would have extremely intense hallucinatory dreams and immediately after the effects fade away you become extremely energized and hyperactive for at least six hours. Jack and his friends often use it to help them wake up when they have something to do the next day, but it made it extremely hard to conversate with people for obvious reasons.

“Come on.” Craig pulled on Christine’s wrist and guided her out of the basement and into Jack’s living room.

Andrea was the same age as Craig, she was wearing Jack’s Metallica shirt and a pair of black panties. She was laying on her side on the old pleather couch with a big scar on her cheek, her bloodshot eyes wide open, and her arms and legs spread out like an eagle in flight.

“Can you hear me?” Craig waved his hand in front of her face to see if she was still hallucinating “Ok, guess not”

“Is she okay?” Christine was worried about the poor girl, though based on her appearance, it seemed she could handle it, “She looks fucking dead.”

“She’s fine.” Craig had a moment of hesitation and took a deep breath, staring at Andrea with emotional and nostalgic eyes. It was almost like a mother watching her child drive off to college. “Anyway, we should get outta here so we got time to do this shit and recover before you gotta leave.” Craig sprinted out the door, slid across the hood of his car, and leaped into the front seat. Christine attempted to keep up and eventually made into the car only seconds before Craig was able to peel out of Jack’s driveway.

“Hey! Do you prefer concerts or beaches?” Craig was trying his best to yell over the loud music he was playing so that Christine could hear him.

“What!” He didn’t yell loud enough.

“Fuck,” Craig muttered to himself as he reached for the dial to turn down his stereo “I said, concerts or beaches. Which do you prefer?”

“Beaches, I guess.”

“I agree.” Craig took a sharp left turn onto the freeway towards the nearest beach. “I’m about ninety nine percent sure it’s this way.”

“Well, hope you’re right.” Craig chuckled a bit at Christine’s obvious fear.

“So, was your brother really a drug dealer?” Craig had a feeling Christine was lying when she told him about her brother.

“Honestly…” Christine took a deep breath in and clinched her face a little, “no”

“Alright, well I’d prefer you didn’t lie to me anymore.” Craig glanced at Christine with a slightly disappointed look on his face “Like, I don’t care if you’ve seen shit or not, but I just don’t like being lied to.”

“Yeah, sorry. I just get nervous about stupid shit sometimes.”

“It’s no problem, sweetheart... just don’t do it again”  Craig looked at Christine with wild eyes and toothy grin “or I’ll have to kill ya”. Christine became extremely uncomfortable for a moment. “I’m just fuckin’ with you, sweetheart!” He cackled at his own joke while Christine let out an awkward chuckle just so Craig wouldn’t feel bad.

“So, how do you know Andrea?” The laughing stopped and Craig’s smile turned to a look of regret and dismay.

“She’s Jack’s friend,” he said abruptly as he obviously withheld something from Christine.

“How old is she?”

“Same as Jack. Unlike us, they have sex within the law.”

“It’s fine, I’m almost eighteen”

“Well, anyway. She was just someone that saved my life a while back, I could never thank her enough.” Craig tried to hold in his emotions by not moving his face and pushing his tongue into his cheeks, making sure not to let Christine see he was actually human.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart. I know it’s hard to lose someone.”

“I mean, don’t worry about me. I’ll be alright, but...” Craig was interrupted when he realized he was at the exit he needed to get off at. “Oh, shit!” he yelled as he blew through three lanes of traffic nearly killing both him and Christine.

They got off the freeway and reached a small, almost empty road that lined the beach and Craig put his hand onto Christine’s thigh and smiled just enough to show he cared in any way. Christine smiled too because, even though she didn’t want to say anything, she had somewhat of a crush on Craig. The two of them eventually came to the beach and Craig slid into a handicap parking spot closest to the pier just as an actual handicapped woman and her son drove up behind him, sad as they realized that the handicap spot was taken by Craig’s garbage fire of a car.

Both of them slipped off their shoes and stumbled up to the most uninhabited area they could find on the beach. Craig pulled out his bag of Jack’s newest poison and read the post-it note which Jack gave him that had directions on how to consume it. The note read:

Snort exactly one quarter of a gram. No more, no less.

So, Craig put a small amount on his hand and snorted it. He then handed it to Christine and she did the same. The both of them eventually finished two grams and laid down next to each other with their heads touching and facing the sky.

“How often do you just look at the sky, Christine?” Craig smiled and gently rested his hand on top of Christine’s.

“Not enough” Christine rolled closer to Craig and rested her arms and legs on his warm chest with her face resting against his.

“It should be kicking in soon.” Craig kissed Christine’s forehead and the two of them closed their eyes, awaiting the hallucination that they’d hoped wouldn’t kill them.



I cannot see the sky, I cannot tell up from down

In the real world I must die, I cannot die in Dreamtown

Dreamtown makes me happy, Dreamtown keeps me sane

Dreamtown may seem wacky, but it takes away the pain

I must return to Dreamtown for it is what keeps me safe

Dreamtown is the link between inner and outer space

The world we’re in has walls, It has barriers and restriction

Dreamtown has no walls at all, It is a world beyond description

In Dreamtown I am free, I have no sense of time

I can finally be me, and stop living in this lie

The real world makes me sad and keeps me chained to the ground

Dreamtown is not bad for in it I am no longer bound

But when I return from Dreamtown, our world is not the same

I am unable to feel, neither happiness nor pain

I shall return to Dreamtown, and see my friends once more

But Dreamtown is now different, I see only pain and war

My friends are all in Dreamtown, I cannot leave it behind

Now our world is upside down, I must have lost my mind

Dreamtown is no longer fun, but I need it to stay alive

All I can do is try to run, but my fate is finalized

Dreamtown is gone now, as well as my mind

I miss the world before Dreamtown, and with this… I die.

Craig and Christine awoke to see that they were both still alive, but had five hours and two more grams of what is now called ‘dream dust’ to kill.

“This shit is insane!” Christine had never done too many drugs so this was a new experience for her.

“Yeah,” Craig was surprised at the drug’s effects, “and short lived”

“That’s true” Christine glanced at her phone and realized it had only been four and a half hours since they took it. “Well, we got an other two grams left, wanna hit it again?”

“I can’t, I gotta drive us home in five hours, but you can take more.”

“Should I?” Christine questioned whether or not this was a truly good idea and eventually concluded that it was not, but did it anyway. She snorted a gram or so and waited for the effects to kick in.

Craig look towards Christine and placed his hand on the side of her head.

“You look so beautiful right now,” He smiled and leaned closer to her face staring deeply into her dark, brown eyes. He pressed his lips against hers and for a moment they shared a kiss, but that moment was interrupted by Craig falling to the ground, “I gotta take a nap.”

“Alright.” Christine was rather disappointed.

She laughed off her disappointment and snorted the rest of the dream dust as she had not yet felt the effects. She then laid down and shut her eyes for what seemed like only a moment, but when she opened them she was in Craig’s car again, on a completely unfamiliar road.

“W-where are w-we.” She could barely get the words out of her mouth, and everything looked blurry.

“You’ll see.” Craig had a smile that crawled up to his ears and his eyes were half the size of his entire head “you’ll see” he repeated his words, seemingly speaking to himself.

Christine was terrified and confused, but was only able to rest her eyes again to rest.

“Christine!” Craig screamed into her face as he thought she was dead “You alright?” he was thoroughly concerned for someone in a way that he hadn’t been since he was with Andrea.

“Y-yeah, I’m fine,” Christine slowly awakened “but I have a kind of ringing in my ear.” This was no more than a side effect of the dream dust.

“Jesus, man. I close my eyes for twenty minutes and you almost kill yourself by taking the rest of that shit. Alright well, you wanna take a walk?” Craig knew this would help Christine wake up faster and hopefully make her feel a bit better.

“I’d love to.”

They walked along the beach for almost an hour. They saw something in each other that neither one had truly seen in an other person for a very long time, but something happened.

Christine began to fall over, her body was thrown to the ground and her legs and arms went limp. She started foaming at the mouth and her eyes shut.

“Christine? Christine! Holy fuck, Christine!” Craig was panicking as he screamed at Christine hoping she would simply shake out of whatever was taking hold of her. He shook her body vigorously until he realized his efforts were pointless.

He eventually decided to drag her dying carcass to Jack, he was the only person who Craig thought could help her. So, he tossed her into the passenger seat of his car and floored it all the way to Jack’s place. Coming in faster than he should have, Craig skidded back into Jack’s front lawn, slamming on the brakes and once again almost destroying his car as well as killing him and Christine.

He ran to the front door, busting through it into what seemed to be an empty house. He laid Christine on Jack’s bed. Stumbling from room to room realizing that the only man he knew that could save his one true love, Christine.

“Shit,shit, shit!” Craig stood, shaking Christine’s dying body once more, he cried and screamed for help.

He ran out the house and into his car, pulled out his phone to call Jack in the hopes that he would be able to answer. The phone only rang, again, and again, and again. Craig only heard the ominous voice of an automatic voice messaging system telling him to leave speak after the beep.

“Fuck, fucking Christine overdosed on that shit you gave us. I need you right fucking now I’m gonna get some adrenaline from that dude behind the pharmacy, call me back asap”

Craig hung up and threw his phone onto the passenger seat of his car. He sped to the pharmacy to try and find Alan who sold adrenaline to teenagers. When Craig reached the pharmacy, however when he arrived, Alan was nowhere to be found…

Meanwhile at Jack’s house, Jack’s brother Jonathan arrived to come pick up some money from his brother. He too realized the house was empty until he saw Christine laying on Jack’s bed.

He stood at the foot of the bed, staring at her. He was confused, unable to speak.

“Hello?” Jonathan wasn’t sure if this was someone Jack knew as he moved out two years ago to attend medical school “are you okay? Ma’am?” he lightly reached for Christine’s shoulder and shook her slightly, hoping for her to awaken. He checked her pulse and found that she was still technically alive, but simply unconscious and had an unusually low blood pressure.

Jonathan remembered that in this situation she needed sugar, so he searched the house for sugar. Fortunately this was a pot head’s house and sugar was rather abundant. He found a box of Pixie sticks in a cabinet.

“Perfect” he knew he would  be able to force this down her throat.

He also grabbed several cans of soda and a funnel. He placed the end of the funnel into Christine’s mouth and poured his disgusting concoction of sugar into the funnel hoping again that Christine would awake. She did not. A wave of disappointment and fear ran over his body, he began to panic, pouring more and more sugar into the funnel until Christine’s body could no longer take it, he sat on the ground in a fetal position.

“Who the fuck are you?” Craig got back from the pharmacy.

“Name’s Jonathan, Do you know her?”

“Yeah, she’s my girlfriend”

“Well, I’m pretty sure she’s dead”

“I know” Craig glanced at Christine’s now lifeless corpse. Her eyes which he fell in love with now lacked the soul that almost gave him feeling again.

He barely knew Christine, but knew enough to see that she was the only woman he could ever truly love. She wasn’t perfect, but she was perfect for Craig. Craig looked at Jonathan and Jonathan at Craig, the two of them thought long and hard about how they had failed to save the life of a young, innocent girl.

“What happened to her?” Jonathan’s sadness and confusion is what made this experience so life changing for him. He did not know how he should feel.

He did not know Christine when she was alive, but he could see that she left an impression on Craig. He knew that she must have had something about her. Something special which allowed her to make people like Craig feel so strongly for her. She began to remind him of his own significant other, not ideal to everyone, only to him, that’s what makes a person Special. Perfection isn’t what makes people fall in love, Love comes from seeing yourself in someone and knowing that they have the same strengths, weaknesses, and feelings you do. They understand you, care for you, see something in you that others do not.

Christine was kind and she didn’t something that many people can’t, she found love. She found someone who loved her and that cared for her; someone that made her happy. Craig filled a whole in heart in the same way that she filled one in his.

A few weeks later, Craig found himself sad and alone. He remembered every person he’d hurt, double-crossed, or insulted in any way. He killed himself, not because he thought his life was terrible or because he thought nobody understood him. He did it because he thought it was for the best, he looked into his past and his regrets overwhelmed him. Thus, he hanged himself in a motel in Tucson, Arizona (the worst city in America). His dead body was not discovered for three days as he paid for a 10 night stay, but the owner of the motel noticed a smell and went to see what it was. He unfortunately came upon Craig’s hanging Carcass which hung in the middle of the room surrounded by whiskey bottles as still as a scarecrow, void of life, emotion, and simply lying without purpose.

What Craig never found out was that Christine did not die that night, she went into a coma and of course the police who found her only contacted her family who had no idea Craig was even in existence. She woke up about a year after Craig’s unfortunate suicide and followed in his tragic path. This is how the story ends, but the beginning is where all will be explained.

The story you are about to hear precedes these events by several years, enjoy.


© Copyright 2018 Bastian Perez. All rights reserved.

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