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Submitted: October 25, 2017

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Submitted: October 25, 2017



Here's a heartfelt ballad from a fellow mind.

Golden rays from the sky lighting our world. Yet no one seems to hear the cries of the unloved.
She lay there still ,no power to move an inch of her body.  I stood there watching.
Watching as the morning passed by. Hopefully to see her smile again.
We humans seek the warmth of company.
How odd it is.
A stormy sky with a ray of light.
The sun peeking dusk and dawn.
A photograph of his wife and child.
Her favourite flowers that were yet to bloom , a little surprise for another honeymoon.
The little child's first word.
A love she never thought off
The first rainfall of the year and the first snow.
The afterlaugh from a horror show.
The vows that we never let go.
But here i was standing by the door.
Looking at her as she tried to move.
She looked at me and turned away.
She knew that i would know what she was going to say.
Her eyes always said it all.
The red and blue streaks marring her flesh.
Those empty screams, the bloodcurdling cries i heard it all.
Yet there she stood.
As proud and tall.
A smile on her lips.
She brushed me off.
There stood a woman. I could see it, defying her destiny ,refusing to loose, a game of fate and the dice in her palm, her smirk said it all.

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