Enchanted Kingdoms (Ethereal Locations)

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I wrote this, in 2017. It's part of my 8th poem set, Chosen Fate.

Submitted: October 25, 2017

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Submitted: October 25, 2017



I've entered, the compound, entrance, to what looks, like, a vacation, resort.

Distorted, surroundings, and, abstract, environments, galore.

The starship, port, is, extravagant, and, gorgeous.

The colors, blend, so, smoothly, creating, a celestial, aura.

They, dock, their, starships, and, once we've, exited.

They, both, explain, this is, also, the sector, where, they, live.

We've begun, walking, along, a platform, that's, made, of, material, I've, never, seen, before.

We've reached, the building, where, their, houses, reside, and, we, enter, through this, luxurious, door.

But, once, we, make, our, way, inside, we, decide to, take, our, conversation, to the buildings, roof.

They, explain, to me, that, it's, this, sectors, best, view, and, I'm, excited, to see, it, too.

We've, finally, made, it, to the top, and, what a breathtaking, sight, this, is, such, a splendid, outlook.

They, begin to, express, their, curiosity, towards, what I've, wanted to, talk, about.

I, swiftly, ask, them, if they've, ever, created, worlds, or, something, identical?

They, reply, their, species, has, but, in, different, ways than, how, I, created, mine.

And, explaining, what, I, did, is, still, an unknown, occurrence, to their, species.

I, ask, them, if they'd be, willing to, help, in, my, plan, of, creating, a whole, universe, and, they, seem, surprised.

I, tell, them, that, I'll, show, them, the fundamentals, and, give, them, the insight, they, need, to realize, this dream.

I, exclaim, that, I, want, to create, many, mystical, enchanted, kingdoms, and, distinct, ethereal, locations.

An entire, universe, where, any, species, can live, in, peace, without, corrupted, schemes, and, no, constant, limitations.

After, both, of, them, ponder, and, discuss, the details, with, each other, they, both, come, to the conclusion, that, they'll, join in.

I, explain, that, between, the three, of, us, we, should, have, enough, power, especially, once, we, start, doing, vigorous, exercises.

We're, going to, spend, a decent, amount, of, time, preparing, and, honing, our, skills, inside, the invisible, fortress.

And, once, we, feel, confident, in, our, abilities, then, we'll start, connecting, the threads, of, existence, together.

They are, as, eager, as, I, am, now, because, their, species, has created, many, worlds, but, never, a complete, universe.

The three, of, us, might be, the first, ones, in, history, to ever, try, something, like, this, and, I'm, hopeful, that, it's, going to, work.

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