To Mr. Trump

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DO NOT READ if you are a Trump supporter?

Submitted: October 25, 2017

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Submitted: October 25, 2017




To Mr. Trump

By Stonerose


To Mr.  Trump

Seeing as I am an American citizen and may be under your jurisdiction soon enough, I have your best interests at heart

No really, I do

If you fail to become president, I am sure many others would enjoy your, services

You have risen quite far in the financial hierarchy, but being president requires a wide range of, skills

I have no doubt you embody some of the traits needed

You know, the way your mouth just kind of opens and things just start coming out, I wonder if you can swallow as well as you can spit

About too much debt and lack of compensation, rich taxation and illegal immigration, because Isis is completely the fault of Mrs.  Clinton

I do my research Mr.  Trump, onto wife number three I see

Maybe a man is just what you need

You would be given the chance to improve your, oral prowess

After all, a president should be well versed in the accentuation of the tongue, the dexterity of the lips, the consequence of too much bite

Drink up the things they offer but I wouldn't squeeze for more

Close your mouth around the prize

Find it, feel it deep inside

Your humility must not waver, you must saver the flavour of bland but briny victory

Charismatic and articulate, garrulously superlative, loquacious but not vituperative--Mr.  Trump

You always have so much to say

I understand your desperate need to release but, they can teach you how to swallow the thick streams of, insults

To swirl your tongue around the rim, cleaning off any traces of white, scathing residue

To cup it, your anger, hot and heavy in your hands

To get a feel for the way it pulses with boiling blood and irate frustration

Do not be afraid to try a new approach, hands on experience is sometimes the only way to learn

We see it, you can tame it, you don't need it, you must wane it, you can feel it, do not inflame it, don't explore it just ignore it--you

Can be humble and sink to your knees

Restrain your pent up urges sir--control

Is the key

Mr.  Trump, please, do not take offense

If you can erect a dividing wall

Then surely you can give some head



Written Wednesday, September 28, 2016

© Copyright 2019 Stonerose . All rights reserved.

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