Wild Royalty

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What lies beneath the surface of the pond?

Submitted: October 25, 2017

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Submitted: October 25, 2017




The pond in our garden is a mirror,

behind which algae strangles stone;

green snakes, smudged with ink.

We stare at our faces, peering upwards, inwards,

we have to look deeper to see past

our scraggly hair and muddy cheeks, you know.

The snakes are always there,

we find them playing by bubbles.

One, two, three, twenty, we find.

These things are the same.

They are like the turtle who snaps at the bubbles,

tickled by the snakes, always the same,

camouflaged beast behind the mirror.

She giggles beside me, laughing at nothing,

though my eyes search amongst all that is known,

amongst all that is plain, normal and sedate.

From behind silken weed they swim, 

competitors, baubles, gifts.

They light up the water, the dark space beyond,

the mirror we look to for change.

Our carp, our stringless kites, 

the wild royalty of the pond.


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