"Ding dong ditch

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Submitted: October 25, 2017

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Submitted: October 25, 2017



Ding dog ditch 

I was home alone one night. My dad had to run some late. errands for his work. I told him I'd be alright. I was watching a horror movie downstairs in our family room. When our door bell rang. I paused my movie and walked outside. No one was around. So I went back inside and I paused my movie. A few minutes later the door bell rang again. This time I ignored it. I watched my movie. When the phone rang. I answered the phone thinking it was my dad and instead I got a creepy voice saying "Answer the door" I immediately called My dad who said he would call the police and to stay in the house with the doors locked and he would be home soon. My dad got home about 15 minutes later and just in time as the police arrived. They searched and searched the house. No one was there. We thought we were safe when the phone rang again. My dad answered it and put it on speaker. 

"Did you check the basement?"the police immediately ran to the basement door. About five minutes later they came up with a man in handcuffs he was smiling at me and my dad and said "my knife really wanted your Blood tonight" and laughed hysterically as the police
Lead the man to there car.

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