Mathematics of Love

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Sometimes you love enough where it hurts and causes a tremble of fear

Submitted: October 26, 2017

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Submitted: October 26, 2017



The thing about love is it strikes at you with the slings and arrows of a hundred soldiers being the herald of heartbreak crushing every chance to flee. It wraps you up like an anaconda and caresses you peacefully until the nights become days and the days become eternities lost in a seamless galaxy to which we call your eyes. The very essence of a message delivered can send a shiver down your retched spine causing your eyes to sparkle and a flush on your skin. Fickle are the days of man when chivalry died and standoff traits are formed. To be the one to call and to hold and make sure that the world never falls on you I believe to be the definition of quality in a lovers embrace both mentally and emotionally. 

Once in a great while you find that single entity of human flesh that sneaks that kiss that makes your body tremble and cause your body to burst no differently than if the hand of God just pushed the hair away from your face. Lingering in the moment enticed and ever wanting. 
But the fear of wanting can ruin the greatness of love causing paths to separate and towers to crumble making the heart that was so warm with your lovers touch freeze as if Pluto came up and drained the very ounce of feeling from your soul keeping you in a limbo of regret. 
Math teaches three sad truths about love 

1. Tangent lines who had one chance to meet and then parted forever.

2. Parallel Lines who were never meant to meet.

3. Asymptotes who can get closer and closer to each other but will never be together. 

As a person of rational means I have to say it’s the Asymptotes that kill the dreamer knowing that they will develop such strong bonds and yet fall so short in the chaos of love and just sail away riding the moon to a new day. 

To be a dream within a dream is all one can say. 

But the thing about love is to love. You must love with every ounce of your being and accept every flaw for that’s what makes the memories and builds the strongest of ties. 
The thing about love is to…be free.


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