Kelos - The adventure

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Submitted: October 26, 2017

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Submitted: October 26, 2017



Chapter 1 - Pandora's box 

Taking a glance up at the light he came down from

"Am I going to die this way?"

Falling rocks begin seeping through the small water bubble surrounding this boy, it slowly passes through the water surface with ease and falling down towards the abyss.

"No, this is the beginning I cannot give up this easily"

The sound of a mountain crashing down like a flood, quickly filling the vast chambers leaving no room to escape.

"I promised that I will not reduce this name to nothing, even if I'm born as a bug I'll eventually rise up to the Gods"

Crashing helplessly left to right against the jagged edges of the crevice, the small mystic blue aura protecting him dwindling down to a fist size ball.

"Argh" Violently coughing up blood while slowly succumbing to the pain.

Aiming his finger up at the disappearing light

"This name will be immortalized in the stars, seen and remembered until the end of time, that is my purpose!"

In the glimmer of the darkness, a smile appears as daring as the man himself.

"Remember me! The future star of the world [Maro Vambrace]"

Continuously bashing his body until dropping dead on the earth floor with numerous talon sized tears and bloody opening all over his body.

Experiencing a serious dread and fear for his life and shedding a pitiful tear down his dirty mug face.


Spitting out mouthful of blood to clear his mouth

"Am I going to die here?"

His sturdy body feels weak, approaching the end of his golden years after training in the harsh bandit camps.

"Damnit, why am I so weak and pathetic? I can't even properly escape without almost dying... Is this second chance going to be wasted on me?"

His glass durable body looking quite tragic, this abandoned mine he fell into crushing his spirit and hope

"I don't want to die without knowing the warmth of a family and alone without a loving embrace. My only wish is to die with my name recognized and branded as a hero"

I will never allow myself to die like a pitiful coward, people will think I suicided and that's the worst way for anyone to go He thought

[Bubble sphere]

Flowing out from inside his heart a light blue azure light begins to pulse through his body and with the three movable fingers he manages to gather the light creating a perfect blue bubble in the palm of his hand

"Argh, it's no use... A bubble the size of a marble won't be able to help me."

Lying down in defeat with his head held up, the cheesy breeze of the afternoon's breath along with the rumbling noise of the dirt walls falling bit by bit.

"What's happening?"

His body suddenly getting carried by a pulsing wave sensation as if a handful of rubbery massaging arms is carrying him down further.

"Stop! I don't like this, this is what plants do when they catch prey. They lure a stupid insect in and then carrying them further down into the stomach."

Does that mean I'm stupid... this isn't the time to think about my education

Traveling not too far and thrown into a dark dungeon type room with glowing scribbles with words engraved randomly and an eye-grabbing light shining from a large chunk of diamond amethyst.

"Woah? What kind of outdated caveman lives in this sort of place?"

I barely see anything moving in this lighting, there should be at least be a monster greeting me... 

"You could almost hear the leaf gently landing in the dirt"

Anyways I need to get out of this hole... What a terrifying mind-eating mana I feel from that rock 

"Maybe I'll get eaten but... In my state, I don't have an option to leave. "

With what little strength he had, inching centimeter by centimeter towards the center glowing rock.

"Heaven, give me the strength to escape"

He sincerely hoped though dreams will remain dreams

The glowing amethyst rays stretching across his face and blinding his eye.

The amethyst sending a hot dreadful feeling down his spine pulling his hand inside.

What is this suction it feels as if this rock is trying to consume me

Biting hard down his lip until blood is seeping out, nervously and violently tugging his right arm back

"You monster rock, today will be remembered as the day you'll almost eat me alive"

Revealing a discouraging smile along with dreadfully grunting and moaning in fear of being eaten whole

Unleashing the final bits of strength in his ragdoll body and repelling the pull with a forward kick with his legs

"Bah!" Rolling onto his back and resting on his face, his right arm has a good layer of skin melted away with strings of meat hanging loosely, instead of screaming he seemed to realize the situation

"To every successful person, a hundred people must be underneath him... How could a person with no financial background, education, talent, skills or even friends like me possibly be spared from this wretched world?"

His blue eye glowing brighter than the stars, burning with more desire to live than any other human however he painfully sheds a final tear filled with disgrace and anguish.

You damn rock, what purpose do you serve? Are you the one that will bring the Vambrace name to an end.. You carnivore rock that can't even poop wants to be the hero slayer?

"Hell fricking NO!" Connecting the base of his fist to the ground hard enough to imprint his knuckles

Focusing his gaze inside the core of the Amethyst where he could see fragments of...

"A person?"

Frozen in thought and crinkling his brows together

"C-could this be one of those binding seals? It's usually reserved for capturing monsters and sealing them inside a medium, however, I've never heard of a human being trapped from my bandit boss."

Recalling a hazy memory

"If you take off the seal then it'll unseal the seal and cannot be resealed until the seal is reattached."

Circling the Amethyst with his elbow dragging his broken down body, his end is certain, however, if it could mean the beginning of another person then why not?

"There!" Finding the sealing tag near the edge



Scratching his head with confusion and looking disappointed at a shabby piece of paper he tore off

That was easier than expected, this must have been worn down or badly applied. 

After a few more minutes nothing happened.

"Maybe I'm being delusional, I've never seen a seal before and that could just be a piece of fabric that got blown into here."

"HaHAHAahaaha." Laughing wildly, wrestling his hair's limit and pounding his withered down limbs with haste as his world begins distorting madly in the face of death.

"I'm going crazy... I'm going to die... I hate this life of mine, why did I have to born with almost no mana, born with half a heart and living knowing no one will ever love me?"

Cracks of light begin seeping out of the amethyst, overpowering heat capable of burning the living with a ripple of strange tidal power overwriting the very soul. The cracks rapidly become more visible and from the depth of the center leaked a deathly dark death soul reaping mana manipulating Maro with these tiny black fragments.

"Where will I land? Heaven or hell? Regardless this is my end."

Illuminating the whole abandoned mine in an eye blinding light as though a small sun has appeared, the cracks begin to widen with fragments of dark mana gathering within and corrupting all known matter

"Deus Ex Machina"

Maro crippled by his mistake, falling deep into this hole and breaking his whole body, disintegrating cell by cell without any comfort or warm embrace of a loved one.

At least in death, I'll be able to reunite with my friends and family, my life has been strangely disappointing... Dying nameless and alone, what a joke my life is.

Waking up in a blank empty white space, drifting into another blessed world. Upon awakening, he's confronted by a beautiful girl with black lotus eyes and perfect white skin as though god crafted beauty after her

Her soul-sucking eyes reflect a lifeless teenager with an eye patch with dirt brown hair that gives a baby rat face

At least I can say I met one beautiful girl who is willing to look into my eye before death

In the midst of the light, the darkness consuming all matter begins to suck the air itself to gather and rebuild... the black life vanquishing the light and rejuvenating in the nightmarish figure of the void

Maro who previously turned into mash meat regains his original body

"You are?" A child voice echo in Mark's ears

What happened? Am I dead or alive

"Can you stand up?"

Maro still in daze recovers from his nightmare which turns out to be reality

"What happened to me? Wait, w-who are... you!?!?"

Startled he begins by shuffling backward while pacing his breath to calm his mind

Looking face to face at a child that resembles an angel with beautiful features, tiny pointy nose, cherry pink lips and silky black hair that flows endlessly like night sky

"Me?... I think it's Viel? Yes, it's Viel! I'm sure now."

"Viel? That doesn't sound very common, where are you from?"

"Err... before that could you tell me why am I here?"

I'm more confused than ever, what in the world is a child doing down here?  

"Wait, is this the abandoned mine? What happened to my body? Please tell me this isn't a practical joke by God...I'm alive right?"

"No idea!"

The youth smiling so brightly Maro's problem vanished away

"... If I'm speaking to you and my body appears to be healed then I'm alive. Is that right...? Viel?"

"Ping Pong! That's correct my name is Viel"

"Haha... there too much illogical nonsense for me to handle at the moment. I'll just assume a blast of light magic healed me."

He begins punching the air lightly

"Anyways what are you doing here?"

"Hmm? Good question but I have no clue."

Viel imprinting Mark's voice, face, and smell into his brain

I guess if my body is fine then escaping shouldn't take longer than a few hours... Maybe I should do a formal introduction to those that do not know me

Viel is whole head shorter than him

"My... Uh, the name is Maro... Maro vambrace who wishes... going to be the greatest bandi...hero ever! To reach a point where people can recognize my face, to have my name reach the ears of God. That is Kelos, the ultimate fame allowing one to exist until the end of time!"

"Woah~ Clap Clap Clap"

Maro imposing his alpha dominance and warmly cupping Viel's soft hands

A g-girl feeels nice~

Though he is melting inside, Maro is maintaining his cool personal image

"I know how to escape, as long as you follow me then under a few hours..."

Pointing at the entry point a few meters above him

"Wooosh~ MARRROOO! Up here?"

Viel begins waving at a platform much higher than he pointed to 


Wait for a second, this isn't possible at least not for me... There's no way, is my depth perception way off or something... Impossible, maybe in a blink of an eye he got a ladder and climbed up

"Viel... Come back down to me"

"I'll watch closely this time. Do that again"

Viel dipping low and jumping as though he's floating in air and kicking the wall again to make his way up

"Oooooh~ Viel, do you mind a shameless person to climb onto your back?"

"No problem"

"You should hurry up, I technically did save you and your leg power is levels above mine."

"Hang on!"

"Hop" Viel leaping bounds and promptly exiting the deep abandoned mine

"We're in the northern boundary and further north is where I need to go."

Approaching the top of the entrance, Viel gasped with excitement and meeting face to face with the evergreen land with long streaky white clouds and endless mountain ranges

"Watch where you are dropping me!" Latching onto a tree branch after being tossed in the air

Latching onto a tree branch with his ribs colliding with the edge though pain

"This place is?"

"You don't even know where we are? This is Chelona forest, a green land rich with mana and monsters and trees as tall as giants. This place is a gathering of criminal and monster hunters"

"That sounds good!"

His innocent is too pure for this world, Maro turning his head the opposite direction

"Hahaha..." In the other end of the spectrum, Maro just survived another battle with death and rather gloomy that he fails even at a good ending

As opposed to Maro who's seen the depth of this land and simply wants to escape, barely an adult with a mind filled with adventure

I wonder how my fate has changed since I met this child 

"I must confess Viel... I'm no good, at the core I'm a vile human being with a weak heart and low water affinity and all the friends I've ever had are dead. If you want to venture with me then I understand"


"However, I need a partner to adventure to obtain kelos will you?... I c-can't offer too much money but I will promise you my life and dedication to achieving my dream."

"Of course because it's interesting to follow you."

"Phew... Haha~"

Maro lightly smiling with his mind refreshed by patting Viel's head

Maro born in the greed of humanity and Viel born from the light of humanity, together will the be the beginning of a new story or end of another?

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