Kelos - The adventure Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 - Two Visits

Submitted: October 26, 2017

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Submitted: October 26, 2017



Two visits

Under the full effect of the moonlight in an open field surrounded by the dark shadowy forest, two kids resting side by side on the grassy bed.

Recovering after sprinting over here and cozily gazing the star

"Whew~ Tonight felt really good eh? Those bastards must be experiencing the hell we laid out for them." A loud mouth boy said

"Haa~ Haa~ I don't want to get hit again, let's go back and blend into the crowd." A panting timid kid nervously speaks

"Why do you speak about them, they stole us from our homes and us senselessly when they want. That prank isn't even close to the pain they brought us!"

"... But you'll get hit if you mess with them, what happens when that find out. You're going to die, we're going to die..."

"Shut up."

"But... but... what happens after is..."

"Why can't you think bigger and move forward. We're not going to be slaves forever, to get what you want we need to fight! Against strong, tall and unbeatable foes are barriers we need to overcome to be great!"

"For what reason do we need to be great? Everything leads to working until our death and then it's all be gone"

"That's why we need to be greater than that!"


"To have a dream and be recognized, I want to my greater than any man alive and remembered until the end of time like those heroes in stories. I want my name to be on the stars, shining brighter than the world and seen by everyone long after we've died."


Pulling his face away and angrily staring into the dirt

"My life ended long ago when I was captured, what kind of stupid dream are we going to achieve? Do you think that because you have a dream it'll come true?"

"Tell me what's better under our condition? To be an idiot or a downer? I'll beat you up if you dare down talk my road to glory."

Landing a killer right hook in his gut

"Urgh! Why are you telling me all this?"

"Because... I trust you, I never had a close family and you will be my right-hand man that will help me achieve my dream."



Screaming from a bandit camp not too far from their location

"Uh oh, they found the surprise I left behind."

The loudmouth youth scurrying back into the darkness of the forest while the timid kid slowly lifts his chin up facing the moonlight

"I wonder what having a dream is like?"

Standing up while taking a deep breath to enjoy the cold night's breeze.

"I'm leaving you behind if you keep lagging behind"

The timid kid eventually sprinting to keep up with the other kid.

"Wait up!"

"Hehe, keep talking and I'll tell them your real name."

"No! I don't want disgusting those bandits to know my name."

"Now that you mention it, what is your real name?" The timid kid asks

"My real name is..."


After falling down into a long narrow earthy tunnel in the vast mountain range of Chelona with the lovely sight of green drawn like a painting

Maro staring up at the clear white clouds soaring above the sky

His derpy face with droopy brown hair and a lone tranquil blue eye. Wearing tattered oversized clothing that creates the impression he's shorter than reality

Viel dragging Maro with an extraordinary kindness

A petite child with reflective moonlight skin and long black waterfall hair that makes Viel look like a porcelain doll with a cheerful face that picks up on the eagerness and cheerful attitude.

Viel is wearing a tight black body highlighting the slim figure and with heavy metal plating on his chest

"Urgh... I need to rest but, I need to interview you."

"Okay! I know if I can properly answer you."

"Where ... chew...are you from? Chew" Gobbling a mouthful of fresh berries

"I don't..chew... know"

"This is bothersome. What do you... chew... remember?"

"Gulp. I... was trapped in a never-ending nightmare and there's a monster called the World Eater there... Argh! My head, I can't..."

! A World Eater!? What is a world eater? Someone who eats worlds."

"My head won't let me think, I'm sorry that's all I can remember..."

Okay he might be a monster but currently, there is a more serious problem concerning this brat

"Are you a boy?"

Maro keeping a small monster in his pant because he's afraid of traps

I never said trap! And it's massive to whoever is reading this

"Haha! Probably~"

Maro's greedy lustful eye move from Viel's flat chest to a bludge hidden that clearly shows Viel is a boy in development

"I see a marvelous Adam's apple."

Also, he has a penis that I can clearly see 

"Whew~ I suppose dealing with boys are easier and wow! Your hair is beyond soft."


"I don't suppose you recall why you were seal right?"

Viel's eyes darting up at Maro's eye-patch while wandering left to right to track a  small emerald dazzling insect with a rainbow-colored shell

"Whoosh~ Smash!"

Forming spider web cracks on the concrete surface

it was mocking me so I killed it. Look look! I did that"

Maro sweating bullets and staring blankly in the distant as if deep in thought

What the hell is with this kid, he's so sexy and strong. God is really testing my limits but wait... Obviously, there's something wrong with him but we did save each other

"Pay attention! We're getting out of this hell hole first then we'll discuss terms and conditions."

"Whhaaaaa~ There are so many tiny floating things. Gulp!"

Still not listening eh? I guess this I need to use my ancient technique

"Ha~" blowing hot air into his fist and looking as if he's possessed by a martial god to unleashing the power of the mighty wrath of Asura


Maro most powerful punch connects with Viel's skull and returning with heavy damage that effectively taught Maro a valuable lesson

"You got me... ow ow ow... Impressive stuff, I believe if you follow me then one day you'll achieve the immortal fame, Kelos in no time."

"Huh, did you brush my hair? I almost felt something."

This brat is pissing me off, he's goddam annoying with his trap face and sexy outfit... I can't tell if I'm angry or horny! 

"Earlier you jumped several times the human limit and that toughness to withstand my super ultra powerful punch... What spell are you casting that I can't even hear?"

"I haven't  done anything, I don't even understand what sp...ells is"

"Haah? Are you saying you're a super genius or something who can outperform me without even knowing the slightest about mana? "

"I don't know, what can I do?"

Let's give something impossible to shut this brat up

"Umm...Try lift that massive tree"

Moving his eyes to the tall black-oak tree that is tall enough to match a small building with thick roots planted deeply capable of surviving the harshest of winds.

"Ha! I'm sorry for being so mean, only a giant could do it. I'll ask for something easier..."

Viel didn't say another word and simply walked up to the tree, crouching down at the base and sinking his small hands into the earth

"Seriously stop! Quit while you're ahead is my motto. There's always room for improvement, I'm sorry please don't overestimate yourself otherwise...!"

"Rumble! Rumble! Snap! Snap!"

In the blink of an eye

Clumps of dirt flung into the air, scattering millions of leaves and an increasingly long shadow fly perpendicular to Maro's dropped jaw


"Crash! Bamn! Rumble!"

"That's too easy, I never give up because I don't know my own limit!"

Who... What is this monster? That tree easily outweighs a house and he said it was light! Maybe I should have died down there because... this brat could be the beginning of the end for us

"Is there more to this interview?"

"If you don't comprehend mana and that was a spell then... it such an unfair gift. I wish I was born with such immense talent!"

"Mana and spell?"

"Casting spells from the mana flowing inside your heart, the essence of life and power to command the world. You know..."

"I can't see my heart" Poking his finger inside his mouth in search for mana

"Hang on, it might be faster if I show you."

Maro's heart thumping rapidly and maintaining a steady thought, the inner mana begins to gather into the azure blue light on his fingertips. After condensing the marble size ball, the water vapor starts to rotate into a sparkling transparent ball.

[Blue Sphere]

mana to begin with and born with a little affinity for water doesn't help, though it's still possible to achieve greatness."

Viel was flabbergasted at the ball almost as if he witnessed a scene straight from a fairytale, trembling with excitement.

Viel clapping his hands together

"Waaaaah! It's so beautiful~ Can I make something that beautiful?"

Maro rubbing the end of his nose and hiding his joy, immediately finding a friend who he can share something is something he truly missed.

Absorbing the blue orb of water back into his body.

"This is a spell, our hearts control the mana and our brain creates the appearance, together a strong mind and heart will strengthen a spell. Using mana will consume your stamina and if you overuse it will backlash resulting in heart strain."

Pointing directly at his own chest

"If you want to learn about spells then you must create an image then channel that power through your heart."


"Exactly, this is when the higher the affinity the better, as you understand learn quicker and comprehend the difficult stuff faster. It took my entire childhood to learn to spell while other people might understand it within a few seconds."

"It's sad for me to say, however, my potential to cast a powerful spell is impossible."

"Urgggh!" Tightening his fist and raising his concentration to the utmost limit.

"Calm down, everyone has mana running through their veins but some are efficient at using it and you have never used it before. Imagine releasing a monster inside your heart."

Viel looking anxiously at his own body, green with envy and doubting himself.

"Maybe I'm not so great after all."

"Cheer up, you can't be sad because other people are better than you. Focus on what you can do best then one-day people will recognize you for yourself, that's my goal and I don't allow myself to question my beliefs."

Viel mood lightens, standing idly without saying a word or breathing and acting as if the world is frozen

Sorry for my misunderstanding and thinking you're a monster. You were probably forced into that seal and couldn't do anything but feel isolated and helpless... I should treat Viel better

"Huh? What is this air of animosity and bone chill fear pulsating through the air, it's almost as if a wave of horror is enveloping my body."


"Oi! Stop it otherwise the whole area... No! This whole Chelona forest is going to be destroyed!!!"


The forest exploded with a menacing yet unmovable mana, provoking the very soul of the forest to slowly wither and attracted the attention of a dozen of bandits.

"Boss, what do you think that is?"

A large burly man with full facial hair and lush red hair, wearing a mix of beast leather and radiating a lustful danger that could be mistaken for a wild beast.

Blades of burning leaves follow his every step and smiling as if he owned the world

"Bwahaha! This better not be a challenge to me, I urgently have to punish a very bad subordinate of mine. I guess this manhunt can wait, if he can escape my grasp then my name will no longer be [Cinnabon, The Flaming Claw]"







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