Kelos - Chapter 3

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I stopped adding [The Adventure] to the title because it was getting annoying but you get the idea

Submitted: October 26, 2017

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Submitted: October 26, 2017




"M-Monster.. No, it's the World Eater"

Maro previously standing in the midst of the tall trees and bountiful field of green life that embody the image of a lush forest vanished as if teleporting into a wasteland with a sinking hole devoid of life and source of this destruction is Viel.

Thankfully my instinct warned me to rush away before he started drawing his mana other my petty little life would have disappeared into that consuming hole

"He's got strength, iron skin, the vast quantity of mana and his youth... He is born for greatness that even a strand of his mana is enough to end my existence."

That gray sphere is dragging all matter into the center, breaking it up and entering Viel

Maro squinting his eye, unable to see blurry image of Viel's face but could tell he isn't 'conscious'

"I... I can't stop m-monster with my level of talent and skillset"

Watching the loose rock behind him slowly float move towards Viel's mana and get devoured into nothingness

"This is my life that I've mustered from the dirt... I can't do it, we've just met yet you're already this dangerous... Viel consider it even since we both saved each other"

Maro awkwardly jerking his lips up as if smiling to hid his guilt, forcing an adult smile without any joy or life behind it

Run legs, I can still make it to the next town. I'm sorry but I can't help you...

"Farewell... Stranger"

Maro's clenching his chest for comfort and chewing his lips to suppress his emotional side

"Sob Sniff Sob" A child's voice echo throughout his eardrums

"My head hurts and my body is killing me, my heart feels like it's going to explode with nails being driven into my brain. Mar..."

Maro unwillingly turns his head back to Viel's direction, the gruesome image of a boy with his skin being eaten, swarms of purplish arms digesting his innards as though a parasite is playing with his prey.

Viel is crying loudly, fully conscious with two streams of tears flowing down his cheek that is bursting out with mana.

"" He whispered faintly

Maro who experience sadness before tried to ignore everything that will bring back vivid memories of 'those times'

"Ahhh! Who am I? Maro Vambrace, the legend of my name will be written down in history vowing to never lower my head. What kind of man will greatness if he lets those he can save die in front of him."

Clapping his hands together with a surge of mana swelling in his chest.

[Blue Sphere: Full Power]

With blue light condensing into a firm liquid on the palm of his hand and drawing his droopy hair up to be spikier, exposing his forehead and blue eye that reflects an image of resolute courage, calm thinking to erase all unnecessary thoughts.

"I swear on the name of Maro Vambrace, I will not let you die."

His heart overclocking, beating faster than a steam engine with a deep resolve to save this boy.

The blue sphere expanding to fully submerging his body in a dense rotating bubble.

Sprinting forward, although in appearance it seems unstoppable, however, mana shields can deflect mana-based attacks

Slipping in between the wormy arm and barraging through the mana carnage until point blank range

I recall his unnatural toughness and my super ultimate punch barely scratched him but it's a different story if he can't control his mana

"...I never want to do this again but it's better than watching you die."

Sneakily dodging left and right, within his bubble he's able to move fluidly like a fish inside a fish tank, the purplish arms lack a conscious mind controlling it.

Viel felt an invasion slithering upwards and occupying into his mouth, Maro's mana forcibly enters down his throat clogging his air passage

"Okay~ I thought he would be weak to mana attacks because he doesn't even know what it is and a summon a large quantity of mana is much harder to control..."

3,2,1 and go to sleep now... Please, I'm nearly at my limit

Suffocating within Maro's bubble, Viel's eyes went white and body became limp

"Okay, he's absorbing the mana back into his body. I can't believe he did so much damage by summoning a mana sphere... What would happen if he could control it?"

Rushing up to the top of the massive crater Viel's mana created while single handily carrying Viel over his back

"Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!"

"That noise! Why is he here already, could the poison be ineffective against him?"

Quickly! Curse my weak body otherwise I would have escaped out of this manhole already

Due to the excessive mana cost of using a spell that goes over the mana capacity, it takes mana from the life force. The longer you use it over the limit the greater the strain it will have which is know as mana burn.

"Urgh, my stupid heart is stinging me." Toppling over the edge of the crater

I shouldn't have used that much mana, there is a drunken chaotic effect on my mind disconnecting my head to my body. I can't think straight. 

Throwing the unconscious small body Viel comfortably into a small shrub

Proceeding forward while unsteadily running ahead as his heart is on the verge of detonating into pieces

"I need to find someplace big enough to recover... Err, that might work~"


Stampeding forward with his giant body and glowing with red aura, the force of menace tear down trees as easily as breaking part toothpicks

His audacious presence is capable of igniting bushes to ashes

A river of smoke rising to the sky while the whole worth is being scorched inside out

"Come out and play! You piece of filth!"

Several dozen men dressed in leather armor trail behind this fearless man with a nervous and worrisome look.

"Cinnabon huff... slow down, we know you're riled up about Maro but we cannot be careless"

"Shut up! You annoying pricks, I'll beat up anyone I met and prove that I'm still the strongest man alive."

Incinerating all nearby boulder into an orange glowing liquid.

"Stay out of  this, I'll return when I'm done otherwise I am not Cinnabon, the strongest warrior in this land."

The bandits didn't say another word, instead, they went gathering food for tonight's meal.

Cinnabon continues to trample his way towards the mysterious mana blast zone.

"I'm disappointed."

The ball of fire reaching his end destination to find nothing nearby.

"Where are you hiding? I came all this way to fight someone strong, I refuse to back off without doing anything."

His wavy red hair lighting on fire and punching down tree after tree with explosive power sending them dozens of meters away from where were rooted.

"My heart won't settle down unless I punch something, thinking about that Maro brat who poisoned me the last night and escaped. I will find and give you a punishment worse than death."

Cinnabon's begin to finger tremble

"I've never felt such immense mana before, at least be strong enough to give me a good time. If you are strong then don't be afraid of greater challenges! BWAHAHA!"

Near the boundaries of the forest in a small pond with bamboo stalks poking out, containing rich mineral and a clear body of body, suited for restoring mana to water user and relieving stress.

A black seaweed mop hair bouncing on the surface with a ghastly person leaping out

"Cold!" Maro resting naked in the freeze cold lake

"I can breathe within my sphere, however, this freezing water is truly frightening."

Soaked for nearly an hour, his black slime hair return to his usual timid demeanor

Stepping forward with his eye patch along with his clothing underneath a medium sized boulder. His azure blue eye and a dense crimson red eye never seen before by naked light

"Ehh~ Which stone did I hide it under?"

Flipping flat rocks one after another until finally finding it

Equipping his over-sized, used and ragged clothing he's been passed down from other bandits, stretching the eye-patch over his near-sighted red eye

"I have a choice to escape by myself or attempt to save Viel and risk that mad bull waiting for me. Hopefully, I do not get beaten to a bloody pulp."

Approaching with caution towards Viel

"Almost here" He whispered quietly

Upon reaching the shrub, Maro meets with Viel's toes that are sticking out

Did I leave his toes out that far? I did hastily put him down but even I wouldn't be that careless 

Yanking his legs out from shrub covered in broken branches and leaves

"Ho-Ho-Ho, what do we have here." Maro composure melted away upon hearing that deep voice and snarky tone

Cracking his iron knuckles and cutting the air with one stretch of his arms

Picking up Maro as easily as a dirty rag and meeting the dark red eyes of a deranged bull with the body of Heracles.

"VIEL~! Wake up, there's no hope for me but you... Urgh~"

"Tell me who that mana belonged to."

"Why would I tell you? If I say it was your mother would you believe me?"


[Bubble Sphere]

Cinnabon hanging his fragile body like a punching bag, with his enraged fist landed multiple blunt spear punches to Maro's torso, chest, and face

Despite casting a bubble shield, the fury of his attack didn't stop and went directly through breaking several dozen bones and leaving behind permanent burnt scars

"What a weak spell despite its elemental advantage if the user is too weak to protect anything."

Shut up, my body can't keep up with my mind, one more attack and I'm certainly going to break 

Bashing his head against the hard trees surfaces and denting it heavily

"Pathetic, never call yourself a Cinnabon Bandit after we're done." Tossing Maro high up


The orange flame dancing near his fist beginning to magnify, flicking wildly and swirling into a sea of roaring flames engulfing his right arm.

Pivoting his feet to transfer the torquing motion to his shoulders and unleashing a powerful forward thrust that stretches his entire arm.

Maro has beaten so badly with his face swelling up that watching his death is too painful, pitiful and crying knowing his life is over

I wish I was never born, why must I exist to only feel pain and suffer losses.

Staring at the punch with every last motion trapped in his head and replaying it as though it is a video, stepping in at the last second after learning it.

Maro didn't look, the face of death is right in front of him and rather than scream or beg for mercy he only wanted this burning sensation to stop.


The world is black, Maro never felt more despair than waiting for death to come but despite waiting a few more seconds nothing happened

"W-wh..." Opening his eyes to see a young child who is slightly above half the height of Cinnabon catching his thick bulk fist and forcing that 2-meter man to shriek.

Cinnabon muscle fist and spell vanished in the palm of a child?

It's that girl, she's looking coldly at me as if a predator possessing no emotion for their prey 

"To absorb my insane power, give me your name and I'll remember it."

"Your worst nightmare."






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