I Dream of a World at Peace

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This poem speaks of the need for the world to work at ensuring peace and stability, less we perish.

Submitted: October 26, 2017

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Submitted: October 26, 2017



My heart aches for our world A world buffeted by wars and rumours of wars A world engulfed by hostility and carnage A world on the verge of self-obliteration A world obsessed with lethal weaponry A world bereft of the notion of the sanctity of human life A world where innocent lives are crudely terminated without remorse Outraged? Yes. Despondent? No For I dream of a better world A world at peace A world not in pieces Where race is at peace with race Brotherliness becoming the norm Where nation is at peace with nation Where family is at peace with family Where individuals from diverse backgrounds co-exist harmoniously Where people belonging to varied social status are neighborly

I dream of a world at peace A world that values human life A world that seeks the common good of humanity Working shoulder to shoulder to better our lot Working to ensure we make our world a better place Bequeathing to the next generation a better world Yes, I dream. I dream of a world at peace.

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