Moon and Thorn

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a self-presenting story. Things evolve in their own pace, and I am not one to predict them. For those who want to spoil themselves or simply what to know what they enlist to, I've posted a
summary in the epilogue entitled Afterword. -Spelling mistakes or minor modifications may be noticed-

Table of Contents

Act I

Submitted: October 26, 2017

The thick air makes it hard to breathe. But at night glimpses of the sky can be caught. The black clouds can’t be compared to the darkn... Read Chapter

Act II

Submitted: October 26, 2017

She bit her lower lip and almost yelled : -  Paint me! And we will both find out. A bit surprised, but quickly conforming, h... Read Chapter


Submitted: October 26, 2017

 _Wake up! _ WAKE! UP!   *What happened…* Barely managing to open his eyes, a skull cracking headache echoes. Rig... Read Chapter

Act IV

Submitted: November 03, 2017

  *Ah..  Who turned on the Sun… What-*   He fell asleep on his stomach, and hasn’t bugged at all. But somethin... Read Chapter

Act V

Submitted: November 09, 2017

  Another cold night settles. The street lamps start their duty. A flickering one, like asleep or slacking from work, draws atte... Read Chapter

Act VI

Submitted: November 14, 2017

 *My head is tingling strangely, and this burn mark hurts…*  - That would be an overdose of number 1… Wait…  ... Read Chapter


Submitted: November 23, 2017

The alarm starts ringing loudly: 6:30 AM -  Was it all a dream? Must have been. I mean, time traveling and future reading? P... Read Chapter


Submitted: December 05, 2017

The weather is dusty, but nice. From their houses to the facility it takes no more than 15 minutes of walking at a moderate pace. App... Read Chapter

Act IX

Submitted: December 18, 2017

  - Well, we could stare all day. - I agree with that… So, how you want us to split this? - How about we don’t? Woul... Read Chapter

Act X

Submitted: December 21, 2017

There was no sign of the chief in the next days, but they did not particularly look for him. Randomly asking people in the Creators and S... Read Chapter

Act XI

Submitted: January 02, 2018

- Time is up! Anyone willing to go second?-throwing them a glance- He wanted to do or say something, but stopped and turned towards t... Read Chapter


Submitted: January 07, 2018

    The green sheet slowly hits the street. It looks in bad shape, like someone wanted to get rid of it but could not manag... Read Chapter


Submitted: January 13, 2018

  Morning passed without notice and the sun is now high up.   But the night owls are still in bed.   The room... Read Chapter


Submitted: January 15, 2018

  Three empty pints rest on the table, and another one is on its way. _ Haven’t felt like this in ages!  *And what’... Read Chapter

Act XV

Submitted: January 21, 2018

  The books are arranged in stacks, each stack thinner and less colorful. - What are you searching? - Nothing in particular.... Read Chapter


Submitted: January 24, 2018

- What happened to your hand?-noticing the crust- - I had… an accident.   Venice’s ears piqued, and took the opportunity... Read Chapter


Submitted: January 27, 2018

    Calmed down, they regain their breaths, relaxing on the bed, Venice pouring another teacup and taking seat. - Guys,... Read Chapter


Submitted: January 28, 2018

- You ready guys? - I think so. Thorn? - I’m good. - Great then. We should get there in time.   Just as they take ... Read Chapter


Submitted: January 30, 2018

  Across the room in front of the staircase, men are seen gathering. - Let’s go back to the basement. Nice and easy now… ... Read Chapter

Act XX

Submitted: February 04, 2018

The bat is swung with force, but Thorn dodges and gives it more thrust, pushing it just as it passed by him, hitting the wall.  ... Read Chapter

Act XX...I?

Submitted: February 13, 2018

- Great view… - I know right? The wind is picking up though… - Anne how are you? - I’m good. Just thinking about someth... Read Chapter


Submitted: February 13, 2018

- Excuse me for my forgetfulness.   Their bodies begin forming from their scars, centimeter by centimeter, in a manner resemblin... Read Chapter


Submitted: February 15, 2018

  Venice is standing on the chair before them, with her head and arms toppled atop the chair’s backrest,  curiously looking a... Read Chapter


Submitted: February 16, 2018

  “Unspecified time period after”   Thorn stays alone at the table, gently stirring the drink in his glass.   ... Read Chapter


Submitted: February 16, 2018

  Thank you for your time, and I hope you enjoyed the ride. Saying too much or too little is always a paradox I'm fighting with, so ... Read Chapter