Substance Abuse

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Submitted: October 26, 2017

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Submitted: October 26, 2017



Substance abuse


She grew up like any other girl playing, laughing, and loving life for a time life was good she looked and acted like any other until the day she met a new friend.Her friend did not ask her to  dinner it did not care about her day it only cared about taking her to place that felt like no other.Once she slips the tip of the needle under her skin her perspective on life drastically changes her eyes glazed over taking her mind to a alternate reality where only she can decide weather to bring herself home or stay in this place where her mind looks upon the world like a kaleidoscope twisting and reflecting life like an optical illusion unseen in everyday life.


Many around the world find themselves falling for this false friend believing it is the answer to their many problems some shoot a needle others drink themselves into a never ending whirlpool of alcohol abuse others are hooked on prescription drugs, what ever demon come calling to take them into to their lair it is up to the individual to decide weather or not life is worth returning to. Many stay to continue the buzz they receive from their chosen poison but hopefully many more will eventually pull themselves from their dark pit and return to their former lives to face their problems head on with help from those who love them.  


If you have family or a close friends that have been caught by one of these addictions please don’t look upon them as if they have strayed to far away for help reach out take their hand and help them see their way back to the family that holds them deer.Be their strength be their pillar of hope be all you can be until the son the daughter husband or wife can see for themselves that they must pull themselves free from this false friend and return to the fold where the love of family will help them find their way.


By Bunzy 26/10/17

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