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Submitted: October 26, 2017

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Submitted: October 26, 2017



This is what most parents/guardians believe, that if you go to school you will have a good life and by good life they mean you be RICH. But is it really the truth? We have seen most people graduating with first class degrees and some even proceed to do postgraduate degrees but in the long run they all struggle in life. Is this really what our parents/guardians call RICH? Having a normal lifestyle with one or two ordinary cars and having your children go on a normal, average school. I believe it’s not what we all dream of.

There is more to life than just going to school and obtaining a degree and don’t get it twisted, I mean don’t get me wrong I’m also doing my bachelor’s degree. All I’m saying is that life rewards those who are brave. Those people who really understand that for one to be really successful you need to go an extra mile and think outside the box or rather without the box. Most of the richest people in this world, the billionaires, are school drop outs. They understood the concept of breaking rules and making new ones. They understood the power that was given to us, that is, the power to think and they became the world’s greatest entrepreneurs.

Life is more than just sitting in class cramming notes and reproducing that info in the exam. Life rewards people who think. Never limit yourself if you want to be successful. Whatever you think of doing, do that. Even if it fails, think again and try something else and one day will get something right. Don’t worry if that thing is not your passion, you will automatically fall in love with whatever you are doing if you see the good results.

Never underestimate yourself.

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