The Night Before Learning

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Submitted: October 26, 2017



Amy opened her eyes a little, but then just to shut them again. light from her window flooded her room, making her white walls glow and look pink. the pile of books on her dresser cast a shadow across the floor. the windoe itself was letting everyone gaze into the pink morning sky.

A faint beeping noise began to make its way to Amy's ears. Amy moaned and pulled a pillow over her ears. The pillow didn't help though, the beeping was getting louder. It was as if the more she struggled the louder it became.

The battle between Amy and noise didn't last long, probably only about ten seconds. Amy gave up and threw the alarm clock across her room. The beeping continued though. She got up, and almosty tripping over a pair of shoes, three books, and her cat, Amy picked up her alarm clock and turned it off. She set it back on her bedside table and plopped back down on her bed.

"Amy, are you up yet?" came a voice from Amy's doorway.

"Yea, mom," Amy yawned, "I was just about to get dressed."

Amy's mom laughed. "Well hurry up then, you need to leave in 20 minutes." Amy's mom left the doorway and Amy could her her footsteps as she went downstairs.

Amy sighed. She looked down at her cat, who had woken up from all the commotion. He looked up at her, just as tired. "Guess neither one of us want to get up." Amy murmmered. "At least you can stay home, I gotta go to the first day at school. Also have to make new friends, since I wasn't here for freshman year." Amy's cat, Paws, got up and meowed. He brushed her leg as he circled her.

"You're trying to distract me!" Amy picked Paws up and set him outside her door. SHe quickly closed the door to avoid squishing his paws. Amy quickly got dressed, a short-sleeved, neon green shirt with some dark demin shorts. She opened her door again to stop Paws from meowing. 

"All ready done Paws," Amy tickled him under the chin, "I gotta go eat." She picked up her bag and headed downstairs. Her dad was eating a bowl of ceral at the table.

"Morning darlin'," Amy's dad nodded to her as she poured herself a bowl. "Ready for the big day?"

"Yeah," Amy yawned, "Just tired." She sat down and ate her ceral quickly. Amy read the back of the ceral box. They company was having a $500 giveaway, even thought Amy doubted anyone would win. $500 could get you a lot though.

Once Amy finshed her bowl, she dumped it in the sink. Paws was sitting at the front door, waiting for her to leave. 

"Not going yet bud," Amy picked him up, "Got brush my teeth."

Once Amy was ready for school, and said bye to her parents as they insisted, she got in her car. Even thought she was only in 10th grade, Amy was already 16. She had started a year early.

Amy sat in her car for a little while, taking deep breaths. She would be fine, its not like anything would happen to her on Day 1. With a shaking hand, she turned the car into reverse. After a few more calming deep breaths, she drove out of the driveway. Once the car was in drive and she was on the road, Amy was fine.

As soon as the school came into sight, Amy became nervous again. What I'd they teased her? It wasn't uncommon for new kids to be bullied after all. Amy's thoughts went I to a list in her head of all the things that could go wrong.

After parking, Amy got out of her car. Lots of other kids were already there, almost all of them in groups.

Amy made.her way up to the school doors, joinog the stream of kids. She got thrown around, but she wasn't the only one. I'm fact, no one was safe from the fact that therewer.hundreds of kids going in the building, all in a rush.

Amy's locker was near the middle of a hallway. She turned the lock into the code she had been told. As she spun the code, she felt eyes on her. Amy quickly turned the code and swung open her locker, expect that it didn't open. Amy's first.reaction: Panick. She started to turn around to watch others open theirs with ease. Amy put her face in her hands. Just, great.

"You need you some help?" come a boy's voice from behind Amy. Amy turned around on her heel. Her face.and mind went blank.

The boy standing behind her was a dream boy. His hair was a dark chocolate brown. The boy's eyes were a brilliant green. The shoulders of the boy were large, as though he was on a sport. He was standing so close to Amy that she.could feel his hot breath.

"Is your locker code stuck?" the boy asked again.

"Y-yes!" Amy suttered.

"I had this locker last year," the boy took the lock in this hands. "Turn it to 12 before going to the normal code."

"O-o-okay," Amy nodded along. Say something Intelligent! "I d-didn't know!"

"I'm Luke by the way," the boy said, releasing her locker to open it.

"A-amy," Amy replied. 

Two boys called out Luke's name. "See ya around, Amy." Luke called put as he walked off to join the boys.

Amy stood at her locker, dumbstruck. Someone actually helped her! Much less a cute boy! Maybe the day wouldn't be so bad after all!

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