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Love stories are seldom sweet.

Submitted: October 26, 2017

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Submitted: October 26, 2017




By Belladonna


Her tears being worth more than pearl

They strove to make her weep

His heart worth more than diamond

They strove to make him sell


Her body but shattered porcelain

And glue but not enough

His blood not blue but black with sin

To him, his heart was Hell


He and she rest side by side

Bitter and jaded just the same

His blood can glue her broken shards

Her tears can cleanse his diamond heart


The diamond soiled by coin-stained hands

She weeps and heals him with her tears

Her body broken by many a blade

He bleeds and glues her porcelain scars


The greedy feast upon her pain

Body of glass and tears of pearl

The lechers seek to bring him shame

His diamond heart the perfect tool


He and she suffer side by side

Weary and tired just the same

An endless cycle they must abide

One's loss is the other's gian.


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