Letters for his funeral

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The mysterious missing case of Gauren takes a new turn when his former investigator Marilyn reopens the case after 20 years.Is this only a missing case?Who is the mastermind behind this?Is there
more than that meets an eye? See the new twist and turns and finally how the mystery gets solved.Yet still there is much more to be uncovered.

Submitted: October 26, 2017

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Submitted: October 26, 2017



"And still,after all these years looking through these letters takes my breath away.Something missing,something haunted."Marilyn ,the investigator goes through the long piled up noted in his office cupboard locked up for last 20 years .A case of missing of an aspiring writer Gauren at the age of 24.The case still unsolved,forgetten by many but still lingering in the head of Marilyn.

"Tick tock....Tick tock....Way to the stairs ....turn left...tick tock...thats your room...behind your big cupboard...there is so darkness ...maybe there I am ....tick tock...May be under your Bed ...TICK TOCK....NO MORE TIME LEFT....tick tock -MR. X " Reads one of the letter and keeps again those letters into the cupboard.

Marilyn as a young investigator left no stones unturned to find the real story behind all these but all went in vain.Only thing that he got as clue was those death threat letters received by Gauren for past few weeks before he went missing.Those letters were properly kept in his room which seems unnatural.Why would somebody pile up all those threatening letters instead of reporting it?It was all 20 years ago when a country lost one of its young best writer.Marilyn then closes the file and goes to his desk.Takes a sip of wine and goes into his thoughts."Some one who used to write mystery is now himself unsolved"Taking next sip he look at his awards.Having solved almost all his case during his career, Gauren's case was exception to it.Giving always some kind of unsatisfaction and curiosity to him.

The case went for investigation for few years and finnally gets closed with the tag of unsolved in its file.Who used to send death threats to Gauren?Where did Gauren went?still a mystery.

Anne,the wife of Gauren though grief striken by all those events managed to move on.She was just 20 when all these happened.Gauren is just a bad dream for her.She is now happily married to Dr.Aman .Aman is one of the best pshychiatrist in the town.He has given a settled life for his family.They are blessed with two children.

Marilyn is recently on the case of the insane serial killer,Gimmy.He was dealing with Aman in this case.Marilyn goes to Aman office but Aman was not there.Due to some emergency he had just gone out of office.His laptop was still on on his desk with the profile of one of his patients open.He goes to his laptop and types Gimmy on the search bar and surveys his profile.While surveying he mistakely gets struck into the Gauren's profile.Why was there even a profile for Gauren?Was he consulting Aman?Why did Aman never mentioned about it during case investigation?Several question arises on his mind.

Goes through the profile description and finds out that Gauren was one of his patients and was suffering from some kind of disorder , split personality.He found out that a writer Gauren and a serial killer,X both lived inside his body.

It seems as if it has given a new life to the case.Garen was living a secret life that nobody knew.All those letters that he received were actually wrote by himself to him.Living a disorder it was so clear how much he was suffering everyday in the soul of both Gauren and X.But what was more to the case ,did Anne knew all about it?

Having had affair when Gauren was still alive,Anne betrayed him with Aman.Was Gauren conscious about this affair? His disorder was only known to three people;Aman,Anne and Gauren himself.

One day having known about his wife affair he was disheartened.But before he would take any action he knew that Anne and Aman were planning to kill him to overtake his property and to give their affair the marriage of name.So did they kill Gauren?Why wasn't the body of Gauren ever discovered?

They decided to kill Gauren and to use those letters to manipulate the case.The real criminals were put behind bars .But according to them although they planned the murder Garen escaped away knowing about the plan .And they were unable to accomplish their act.

Having solved the case,Marilyn had rejoiced his victory after 20 years.Marilyn after the court final verdict goes to Gauren workplace.Goes through the forest nearby his workplace.Gauren had always mentioned in his notes that going through the yellow forest had always triggered the sense of mystery and inspired many stories for his writings.As moving through it, saw a small wooden house at the middle of the forest.

As he opens the door and moves in, saw blood traces on the floor.He could sense something wrong has happened recently."Welcome to X's house.Marilyn you have a great sense of timing" As he tries to turn back from where the voice is coming,suddenly feels a striking pain on his head.As he falls down he saw a blurry image of old Gauren with an axe.

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