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Submitted: October 26, 2017

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Submitted: October 26, 2017







Saturday, 10:00 PM

It had been a boring day as every other day in his life. It was not a bad life, it was simply boring, maybe because of his great intelligence, his wealth, his attractiveness, or maybe because he did not need anyone to do what he wanted to do. Ben had never considered life as a challenge; everything had been too easy for him. He was not made to interact with other people because they were inferior.

The events of that Saturday night in the city had kept him strolling around, wishing to find something interesting, but he did not. Naturally, he got tired of it, so he went home. Nobody was waiting for him, since he lived alone in a big flat that his father had given to him as a present. In fact, everything that he owned had been given to him by his father, but he was never grateful for it.

After taking a long shower, he went to bed. As he lay there, thinking about nothing in particular, he came to the conclusion that he would not be able to sleep, so he turned on the computer. There he was, surfing on the deep web, watching videos and reading texts that only twisted, morbid minds could create. “This is definitely what a great mind like mine needs” he thought, almost laughing at himself.  Then, out of the blue, a strange announcement appeared on the bottom-right corner of the screen. It contained the following message:

“I know you but you do not know me. I know what you need Ben. Are you ready to know who you were in your previous life?”

“Previous life? Hm, this is an original idea for ads. Let’s give it a shot” he thought, and clicked on it. He knew that, since the encryption of the pages was a complicated one, the page would take a long time to load, so he went to the toilet in the meantime.

After relieving his needs, he washed his hands and looked at his reflection. The guy who stared at him from the other side of the glass was an eighteen year old boy, with dark skin and coiffed hair. His olive, blinking eyes, always combined with a disdainful glance gave him an irritant air of superiority, “Hi there, handsome”, he said while giving a last look at his face before leaving the toilet.

When he got back to the room, he opened the door and his eyes went straight to his computer: it was off. Extremely pissed off by the fact that he had been waiting for almost fifteen minutes for nothing, he stomped the way to his computer and kicked the desk. No sooner had his foot touched the desk than a message appeared on a blue screen:

“Why are you so mad my friend? You wanted to meet me and here I am. Now, I suggest you to relax, sit down and look for the number of a good carpenter”

“What the f...” Ben murmured, as his anger was quickly replaced by astonishment

“Hey, watch your words kiddo”

He stared incredulously at the screen, as his level of shock increased with each word that appeared

 “Ha-ha, you should see your face buddy, it is priceless”

“W-Who is it?” He asked in a trembling voice, getting his mouth closer to the microphone

“Let’s say I am you and you are me. But if it is too complicated for you to understand, you can simply call me Sen. I am here to warn you, Ben. Your lifestyle is not good. You should start making new friends... or making friends at all, since you don’t have any. And please, don’t take this as a threat, since this is more a piece of advice. Trust me, you’re on the wrong path. Good night”

The computer shut off and the boy stood still, watching the black screen, as a shiver went down his spine.




Sunday, 8:00 AM

The morning sunrays hit him right in the face, a signal that he had to wake up. Feeling a little bit confused and with a big headache, almost similar to a hangover, he started crawling to the toilet, to wash his face and hands. The events of the previous night were still afresh in his head, and were so strong they seemed to knock the inner side of his head.

It was a clear, fresh Sunday morning, and he did not want to spoil it, so he took his jacket and went to the park for a walk. As he opened the door, a last explanation came to his mind “Well, he must have been a hacker who figured out that I spend time at the computer. Nothing to worry about” After this, no other thought was allowed in his mind. He closed the door.

He had not realised how tense he was until he got out to stretch his legs. Despite the cold weather, he thought it was a perfect occasion for an ice-cream, so he bought one and sat under the shadow of banyan tree, in the city square. The view of this immense “plaza” with its green hues, only altered by the red colour of the flag and the big statue garnishing the landscape, filled him with a sensation of tranquillity, as he savoured his pistachio ice-cream. People strolled, laughed, and had a good time. “How ordinary they are” He thought “And the more ordinary they are, the happier they seem to be... that must be because they don’t have what I have, the poor ones; everything excites them. I definitely do not need them. But I have got to admit that it has been a long time since the last time I felt excitement... I almost forgot what it is like. Man, I wish I could feel it again” And suddenly, the words he had forgotten resonated in his head, as if they were some kind of reminder, “Let’s just say I am you, and you are me”

An involuntary shiver ran through his body. Ben did not want to remember what had happened, at least not at that moment, but all of a sudden, the enlightenment came. “Maybe this is the excitement I was looking for... I am not really scared of a cyberpunk with some hacker abilities, am I? Besides, I have got to admit that the situation is kind of puzzling and... It might be a story worth to tell on the forums. Screw everything, I am talking to him tonight” He put on his headphones, closed his eyes and let the time fly as the music played...





Sunday, 9:00 PM

The night had rolled in over Ankara, bringing with it the threat of a storm. The air was still and heavy, and thick clouds blotted out the stars. This weather contributed even more to Ben’s feeling of uneasiness. Even though he tried to make himself to believe that what had happened had been only a mere trick, he could not calm down or stop shaking.

He forced himself to sit down and open the Tor browser only to stop shaking. Still, he did not have to wait for too long until the mysterious being made its appearance. A red advertisement with white letters popped up:

-“Hi there Ben. Did you follow my advice?”

-“Ok man, listen. You’ve done a good job in making me nervous, and I congratulate you for that, it is not that easy. But your little game ends here”

-“How cute. You still think I am a human?”

-“Hahaha, you’re not a program, that’s for sure”

-“Ha-ha-ha, how funny. Ok smart boy, if you know so much about me, please answer, how do I know that you were so nervous ten minutes ago? How did I get to know your name, where you live or when to find you? And how did I manage to know that you went for a walk this morning?

Ben stared incredulously at the screen, with a face of shocking disbelief enhanced by each word that appeared on the screen.

-“I knew you wouldn’t answer, as I know now that your fear is real. But there is no need to be afraid, boy, if you follow my advice. Try to start a new life, surround yourself by the ones that love you. Even though you do not believe me, I know there are still people willing to be with you. You’re free to think whatever you want, but in the end you’ll find that I was right. And believe me, you don’t want to die like me”


-“Yes, die. Alone.”


­­-“Ok, I think it is enough. We shall never speak or contact again. But you will remember my words. Do not ever be alone again. Remember me, Ben, for I am Sen. Goodbye”

Tears of anguish started racing down Ben’s cheeks. But these tears signaled that a new feeling was rising within him.





Monday, 10:00 AM

Ben’s forehead was pressed against the window, as the sunlight bathed his face with a golden glow. The weather was, as usual, a good indicator of his mood. He was determined to change his life once and for all, hence he decided to make a phone call. It was time he thanked an important person which he had not been grateful to. A new life was being born.

-“Hi dad”

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