life in a 4 square radius

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Submitted: October 27, 2017

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Submitted: October 27, 2017



We live in a generation today where we witness events unfold, comfortable with lifestyles dictated by popular culture.

I grew up in what I call a "4 square radius."  Each household contained a unique lifestyle. These included: drugs, poverty, abuse, and violence. We believed that was okay.
We cannot blame the world for these four evils. It owes us nothing.
We tend to blame others for what goes wrong in our lives, but who are we to blame but ourselves? Individuals, in the end, must take responsibility for life's consequences.

We seek attention, yet we lack ambition. We purport to love, yet we abuse. We want to enjoy comforts, but we live hand-to-mouth, paycheck-to-paycheck.We barely make ends meet in our world, and it seems we lack a willingness to work for anything beyond getting by. When expectations are shifted externally, we lose. We lose ourselves.
I have often asked myself if life offers anything more than life itself. Is there a "right way" to live if that is the case?

What we have witnessed during our time will be reduced to unshared memories--stories never told over campfires, lost in virtual space--as new events unfold.
Our children deserve the richness that history provides. They deserve to dream grand dreams and know achieving these dreams is within their grasp. Our children deserve to fulfill their potential, knowing that greatness is possible, if desired.

As a society, we have settled. Collectively, we have accepted our reality, a reality based on falsehoods. We settle for less and expect nothing more.
Those who say things will get better are most responsible for perpetuating the lies cast into the world. The voices of those not in power have been silenced and for too long. We do not stand together because we no longer listen when people cry out for change. We do not listen when they demand change.

When they yell for change, we hear them. We dismiss them. We allow injustice to take place in our world. We sit idly by as people kill and abuse one another. We know children starve and lack basic necessities, yet we turn our backs in silence.
Helplessness is the cycle we have created, taught and learned.
I've lived this life. 

My memories are mine alone. We each have a story to share, and I hope that my memories will live on. If each of us preserves a little bit of ourselves, our voices will no longer be silenced. Our children will hear our stories and embrace them.
What is life without memory, without story? 

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