life in a 4 square radius

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Reality

Submitted: October 27, 2017

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Submitted: October 27, 2017



Living around so many bad things became challenging, but like everyone else, I accepted it.having to face so many bad things became scary but like everyone else i had to deal with it.I then asked myself how long before breaking point, how long before I become a part of reality?

I witnessed a friend who grew up with no mother or father. She was only nine. as i became aware of reality i watched her, I watched her face life with all that thrown at her, my heart bled when She cried herself to sleep, looking for a place to live. walking from door to door asking for things she needed She still kept her head . People turned her away, telling her not to worry, things would get better. She cried out for help and nobody cared.she found a place with a family but could she she was unhappy no one could see the pain through her beutifull smile. 

 She would go to school, come home and do chores, and take care of six kids. I helped when I could but it wasn't enough. She needed to be loved, to feel wanted at some point.I remember her coming to me in tears saying she was afraid to sit next to her friends in school. She knew her hair smelled and never had enything to wash it with. But she never let that get the better of her.her situation She made it her motivation, finished her schooling, found a part-time job, and used the little she earned to supply her basic needs, and the rest she saved. that was not enough for her 

She wanted more. She applied at a local college, but as an orphan, documentation was difficult for her. she continued on her journey, she came across two sisters and finally found someone she could turn to


she finally started to see some light, some hope that there is someone she could turn to, some sort of closure for her but yet she never did. she continued to do things on her own, she does not smoke or consume of alcohol and for someone who has been through so much you would expect them to be like the world said we should be a failure or drug addict.

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