life in a 4 square radius

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - TIME FOR WAR

Submitted: December 29, 2017

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Submitted: December 29, 2017



24 September our national braai day everyone filled with excitement. Smiles elevates as we celebrate one anothers heritage, suddenly a change in atmosphere occurs. You could hear people screaming and bursting into laughter from a mile away. The monthly salary has barely reached the auto tellers and people are queuing for alcohol, shops filled while people prepare themselves. meat packs as if it was chrism-as, fires lighting up as if u passing through street lights that have just lighten the roads.

Standing in the doorway as i watched around me thinking what will go wrong today, where the next fight will break out, who will join in reality. the day passed and nighttime aroused arguments started breaking out, a young female who had been arguing with a guy went up to her partner and explained what had just happened. The norm we got used to, a fight broke out this guy stabbed her partner, they called onto there family for help. everyone had a drink in, unaware of there state of mind, her partner's father came to the scene with a spade and started arguing in front of a little shop in an alley, they spared his father and he left the scene dragging his spade with him.

the young guy and his friends follow as they continued to stab this man until there was not a breath left in him.I stood at the window as they gathered around cussing one another, people dodging bricks as they flew into the air screaming, hitting one another with bats, it looked like war. Everyone got closer and involved themselves with what was happening, I remember people awakening from there sleep with swords stabbing there way through the crowd, another female running for her partner's mother, pointing directly to her chest.

She forcefully pushed the sword, the mother lifted her arm and it missed she screamed its not through the heart. her eyes lit up with evil as they did not care they wanted to kill. another life lost, how did they become so heartless, as if there was not a beat left in them, what happend to speak to one another, we so stubborn we allow these things to separate us.A simple apology chokes the throat, a thank you is to difficult for us, so we leave it and let it build.We do not realize until we waist deep in and we have no ground to stand on.

We resentful towards family members, who would have thought that a small scratch would cause that mans death.A simple argument caused the loss of a father, a husband suddenly silence..... as you could feel the tension. the fight had barely finished and in a few minutes, people went back to there partying, u could hear people talking about what had just happened, praising who did the better job in killing this man. not thinking of this family who had just lost someone.for what? all because we let reality take over, we let other things define us, we allow people to define when we leave this earth and we give them glory when they take a life.

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