life in a 4 square radius

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - alcohol is what i have become..

Submitted: March 12, 2018

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Submitted: March 12, 2018



Toss pot is what i call her..a  young women who lives off alcohol, who became an addict to this slow drug. A drug that causes the end of life without knowing it.It causes loss to so many things that matters without realization. She would have her breakfast out of a bottle of cheap beer gulping down as if her thirst had not been fulfilled for days..

She never had a care for reality, but she was apart of it. She lived with her semi blind mother,three brothers and  her eldest daughter and the rest of her kids.They never had wealth or ambition to become anything beyond reality.

Her eldest brother joined in with her ,her second brother smuggled for a living and her youngest brother well he was apart of the fastest killing drug man made. There was no example set for them, her eldest daughter who had been doing her schooling dropped out because of her circumstances.

 She had to borrow school uniform, walk around for basic necessities and go to school without taking a bath.

Unlike fatima we all are not strong enough to walk around knowing that we have an odor ,we all cannot take our situation and make it our motivation.We as women receive a lump sump from our government to help support single mothers.

She took what she received and used it for herself ,she would literally drink herself in a coma, not eating ,drinking from morning to noon. Her kids would watch as the ambulance carried there mother out on a stretcher ,how at the age of three do u become independent ?how do u become fully grown, with having to see to your own food ,your own clothing.

You never asked to be apart of what we call life, when u are unaware of your purpose. you still trying to balance yourself by learning to walk on your own, when u are still trying to impart, getting to know life.

How do u focus with so many altercation around  you. It softens my heart having to see people struggling to bring themselves to lucidity.She walked around with her two month old baby in the cold, no form of warmth or form of all dirty ,runny nose, fever burning though that tiny body.

She would be falling around with her baby on her arm, looking for more money to supply for her addiction. Kids haven't eaten for the day, still running outside in the night looking for inclination.In the end it is there mother they cant turn there backs in silence.

The women that birthed them. they have to be thankful for what they have, and choose to live differently. they can learn to use there mother as there mirror and excel in life.

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