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Chapter 6 (v.1) - treacherous friends

Submitted: March 13, 2018

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Submitted: March 13, 2018



So we all made a group of friends in our area and a group of girls i call perfidious.They were the type of crowd you would think had it all , always full of laughter, clinging to one another, having soirée during weekdays never worked a day in there life.They become dependent on man that gives orders over there lives. 

 They would gather every day sharing gossip about one another , break out in random fights caused by hurtful words, shared with the rest of the neighborhood. Personal things that was spoken out of comfort and trust , in a matter of minutes it becomes everyone's discussion, everyone's gossip. Words became the weapon formed against them, they would pretend to care... pretend to show some sort of empathy just for there tranquility .

Compairing there lives with  one another as if it wer better, 'Friendship' thats what they called it. I called it treacherous.they would put there kids in the center ,keeping compitetion with clothing and brand names as if they could aford it. They hide behind a good image of there kids but seek atension  through reality.

You promise to be a good friend but u become covasios ,decietfull and hipocrytical the people u chose to be your escape ,your happy place, where all problems could be shaired and be related to, where you would think no one would judge but motivate you in achieving your goals.

People who youd think evan through there circamstances they would still want you to be or become better  ,achieve more than what they could, instead they choose to drain you, make you feel unworthy of yourself as if your unfetterd.

There are people who die to be apart of anything called friendship ,who long for someone who they can call 'my friend'. Gender commits suacide because people who abuse true friendship, true trust thinking its all about there image and what reality thinks about them.They tend to commemorate when they see us fail instead of when we succeed.

How popular they can become in making another look bad, evan if it means sacrificing a  true friend. This is what we make our idols our role models we want to be what we see. We do not realise it might just be worse. Trying to keep up a image can be tiring and it can stop u from your actual hapiness, you have to live by the image you portray for the rest of your life and forget the true person you are.


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