life in a 4 square radius

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Affray motherhood

Submitted: March 16, 2018

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Submitted: March 16, 2018



Motherhood is a blessing we receive we carry a vital force, a heart beat inside us for nine months. We give nativity to our kids and our dreams were already in formation. We long for our kids to have life better than what we could imagine ,We tend to try our utmost best, and only the best..We sell our souls some of us our body's ,so our kids can achieve status.


Mothers where i come from carried there hearts on there sleeves, knocking into every form of hurt possible. The kids which they have protected and dreamed for have destroyed, how they think how, they love. Who they have become towards humanity. Motherhood was no no longer about protecting from the bad but for the bad ,Evan thou there hearts were trampled on. 

Kids would kill for a living,molest,steal and mothers would  hide them. closed up like a kangaroo baby, thinking we not aware. People became silent and watched, but no voices wer raised,how do u recieve everything u can possibly long forand disregard the one women that gave you life evan thou u took it from her.

We ungratfull,the society we live in is what we made it.We blame parents ,they couldve raised us better. We dont know what they made through, getting us in this world. The endeavour they had to face so we could breath.The dreams they had given up so we could awake in the morning and not evan say thank you.

We tend to lay before coffins while our tears roll when we lose them,visit graveyards to put us at lucidity. What did we do when they wer there to help us, did we take care of them when they needed us the most ,instead we made them watch us sleep in the cold ,watch how we allow man to misuse us. Threaten our lives and use us, as there shield we allowd our mothers to see our endeavour .

Mothers watched how the lives they have chosen dismantle themselves, simply because of bad choices.They had to see how the greatest of there love, turned againts them. 

they had to sit silentley as the knives kept pushing through there hearts .they gave up there world for greatness but it gave them a state of complete emptiness and destruction.

We dont see there tears they still say "im proud of you" evan though what you did mutilated ,We do not evan utter the word i love you. When they are on there death bed thats all we can say .We tend to be there pillar of strength when they no longer have there own.

Exhausted and tired of walking through the storm, we have created.We allow them to leave us behind and grow up on our own.We hope they see us change from the clouds, so we make them restless.We call apon for there help and want them to look down on us. Selfishly we do not allow them to rest because now they want to make there mother proud.

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