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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Fighting For Success

Submitted: May 03, 2019

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Submitted: May 03, 2019



A normal morning, I had just finish my final exams at school so I had the day off at home...

I decided to watch some series, my mother who had just come out of a long shift was asleep in the next room. I remember hearing gunshots right by my door step, I rolled off the bed and ran to my mother. She awoke to the loud sound screaming my name hysterically, asking me what had just happened. I remember saying in complete fear that they shooting outside the window.

Too afraid to walk another step, we just listened with complete intent for any other actions happening around us. Silence for a moment, suddenly screaming, people running towards these gunman. So use to these events we no longer fear for death, we say that we die for the truth but what truth, if our life is based on falsehood we only imitate what we see. Those men never cared they kept on shooting, not giving a care whose innocent lives they are putting at risk. Just like that they fled the scene planting there bullets in the ground to leave their mark.

They say it’s about territory you never worked a day in your life but you’re claiming grounds as if you own them? Just because you left a bullet hole does not mean you get rewarded your days are just numbered

I remember going outside and following the crowd as they made their way to the scene….

Bang... another life lost. We watched as he was lying in a pool of his own blood, ambulance at the scene. He smuggled for a living. So now we ask did he deserve to die. I mean they are the ones who implicate our children, aren’t they? Its men like him that inaugurate our kids isn’t it? That’s how we blame the world... I mean, they had their choices, that is what they made of it, they also chose a living, blaming circumstances for how they are surviving. Fastest money making drug that was their choice.

So how do we blame them if we did exactly the same thing, some of us sell our bodies, we implicate, we are the ones that inaugurate our kids, we blame other people, we also blame circumstances and try and make a living.

So my question... do we deserve to die? We quick to point fingers and demand someone to take blame, they say he was not that innocent ppppffffft who is? We complain about our suffering but what about that man and his family’s suffering, he left behind a pregnant wife, a one year old son what about their suffering? Their pain. Growing up with no father or husband, the main figure a child that age needs, especially being a boy. Man took that from them, why? Because they felt he did not deserve to live. What they call it jealousy? How are u jealous of someone else’s failure, because reality told you it’s their success? You don’t build success by taking someone else’s life, it still leaves you right were you started.

Most people were not sad of what had happened. The pain and suffering that was brought upon his family, some of them were on his payroll which was there bread and butter taken from them. He couldn’t have been all that bad could he? Just as he was trying to survive, he helped others didn’t he? In ways he chose how... living in poverty becomes challenging, people would say “that is dirty money” but if you had no way out, no way to survive, some of us say “I’ll go without it” or come up with excuses. You don’t know until you waist deep in. You would do anything for your family, your kids, so they at least can sleep on a full belly.

People say “get a job” is it really that easy? With the society we are living in today? They say “finish your schooling” so you can have a good job, really? You can’t even get a mediocre job with just your certificate, so what about those who were not that fortunate, who not by choice but by circumstance, Were left with no choice but to grow up, hustle and find ways to make it on their own.

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